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Greece, through the Ministry of Interior, responsible for public administration policy, adopted on May 22, 2019, the OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation, thus highlighting the importance of innovation as a key function of the Greek public administration.

How can the basic principles of the Declaration be applied in Greece?

The Ministry of Interior, wanting to emphasize its commitment to innovation policy, goes one step further.

In order for innovation to grow and be promoted on a larger scale, the Department of Innovation and Best Practices has created a series of practical ideas, implementation tips and questions for thought and discussion, which are described in the Implementation Guide on the Public Sector Innovation Declaration, to make it easier for you to:




  • Understand in simple words the 5 principles of the Innovation Declaration 
  • Use practical tools to promote innovation within your organization on a daily basis
  • Acquaint with new ways in which we can all improve, through the actions of the Department of Innovation and Best Practices


    What you will find in the Public Sector Innovation Declaration Guide

    Written with the sole purpose of helping you and all government officials, it briefly describes the 3 levels


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