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How can innovation improve the design of policies and services in the public sector?

On 11 May 2021, more than 100 innovation executives from 36 countries attended the OECD Workshop, in collaboration with the Austrian Government, on innovation-driven innovation.

The Innovation and Best Practices Department, Directorate of Strategic Planning and Innovation of the Ministry of Interior, a member of the OECD Innovation Network, collaborated with the OECD Innovation Observatory and the meeting was attended by representatives of 11 members, in the Public Sector Innovation Network, which has been established and operates since 2020.

The workshop was the second cycle of innovation workshops regarding the 4 facet model. The executives who attended observed the way in which innovation is linked to the improvement of critical performance indicators of a public organization, such as efficiency and productivity. They also learned about methods and tools for developing improvement-oriented innovation.

What is improvement-oriented innovation?

According to the presentation of Dr. Piret Tõnurist from OPSI, responsible for OPSI's work on systems thinking, innovation measurement, and preventive governance, improvement-oriented innovations are innovations that seek to improve or upgrade practices a public organization already implements, achieving better results or efficiency, and usually based


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