Circular of the Ministry of Interior for the promotion of innovation in public administration – Platform development
Innovation Observatory 0 (0)

The Ministry of Interior, in the context of its coordinating role in planning the policy for innovation in the Public Sector, has issued a circular describing the actions taken by the Ministry to promote innovation and according actions that public organizations are called upon.

See the relevant links here:

Innovation Observatory Innovation Gov_GR.pdf

OECD Declaration of Public Sector Innovation:

Public Sector Innovation Observatory:

Texts and useful tools for implementing and disseminating innovation:
WE-novate Project”:
Innovation workshops
Appointment of a representative in the Innovation Network
Participation on the public sector innovation survey
Submission of good practices


Creation of an Information Hub for COVID-19 by the National Inter-Municipal Network of Healthy Cities – Health Promotion (E.D.D.Y.P.P.Y) 0 (0)

Plans were submitted by the Occupational Physician to deal with the pandemic, as well as instructions in order to return to normality. This Information Center includes good practices, as well as illustrated material for all ages, leaflets and instructions compiled by the Social Services Network of the Municipalities (a total of 233 members) the instructions of the World Health Organization, the E.O.D.Y. and the Ministry of Health.

Providing food and medical assistance at home to people in need – Municipality of Trikala 0 (0)

Distribution of food and medical assistance to the beneficiaries at home (TEVA Program) every 30-40 days. By implementing an organized door-to-door distribution system for food and personal hygiene stuff for the beneficiaries of the program, after a telephone appointment, it is achieved to avoid unnecessary commuting of citizens and interaction in the distribution areas of products thus avoiding the spread of covid-19 in the community.
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