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The innovation in this action can be seen in the change of the way of providing the services that can be offered by the 1st degree Local Government (that is the municipalities) with the assistance of the municipal employees. At the present time, employees of the Municipality serve the citizens and residents of the area of ​​Alimos at home. With a phone call the employee makes the purchase on behalf of the citizen of the essential items he/she wants and does not have the ability to do it himself/herself, because he/she belongs to a vulnerable group or a high risk group. Respectively, the employee issues on behalf and at the authorization of the interested party certificates and attestations from the KEP (Citizen Service Center) and certifies the signature authenticity at home.


The present action aims to serve the citizens and residents who are not familiar with  technology to carry out electronic orders and electronic issuance of corresponding certificates or attestations. Desired result: the fulfillment of the primary goal of the local self-government which is none other than the service of the citizens  and the guarantee of their health and safety. The total number of beneficiaries since the


Telemedicine application for residents with difficulty in access due to Covid-19 0 (0)


The Molaon Nursing Unit offered the residents of its remote areas of responsibility, through telemedicine, the opportunity to undergo specialized medical examinations completely free of charge and without moving from their place of residence, taking into account the special conditions created by the 2020 epidemic Covid-19 virus.

The program contributed to the prevention of diseases with their early diagnosis, enabled the systematic control and monitoring of chronically ill patients by specialized doctors, and contributed to the creation of an electronic medical file that will allow Doctors to have complete follow-up of their patients.

To the citizens who participated in this innovative action of N.M. The following preventive examinations were performed:

  • Short health history download
  • Cardiac examination through cardiogram
  • Control of vital signs such as blood pressure and oximetry as indicators for assessing the general health of the examinee.
  • Complete Hematological test which included General Blood and Biochemical indicators such as glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol etc.

The action also included:

  • Completion of individual questionnaires related to menopause and osteoporosis addressed to women over 45 years of age
  • The anonymous completion of a questionnaire related to the role of Telemedicine, the results of which will be used for scientific purposes.

The groups


Stay at Home- Help at Home by Paleo Faliro Municipality 0 (0)


The practice concerns the operation of the social structure of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro for the provision of "Help at Home" services, in the context of actions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the protection of public health.

The call center of the Municipality serves the residents who are unable or not allowed to move to meet their basic needs, aiming not only to ensure their quality of life but also to upgrade it. As of March 20, 2020, the stated structure began to serve and record the citizens who called the service. The call center is open from 08:00 to 20:00.

Besides, on the website of the municipality, citizens can obtain information about the program, register their request, and send it to the email address: menoumespiti [@], which responds daily to requests and questions aiming at direct service to the citizens or to use the special electronic form that exists on the website of the Municipality. During the communication, the citizens state their name, home address, contact numbers, age, the reason for not being able to move, and their request.

The services provided relate to the medical care of the citizens, ie execution of prescriptions


Online Business Consultant on Covid-19 0 (0)

Innovation Description

To substantially support the business world during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, EBEA took the initiative and created a modern and authoritative "Electronic Information & Business Consulting Service on coronavirus-related issues". The briefing covers current issues related to Covid-19, tax issues, legislation, insurance, and labor issues as well as the posting of supporting slips and forms.


To provide substantial information and business assistance to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis as effectively as possible. To date, 448 articles have been posted (laws/circulars / JMC etc.) specialized in covid-19 by a special group of consultants (SOL), coded with tags for easy retrieval. Already 107 registered Users-Businesses use the service, while 55 personalized questions have been answered by a special group of consultants (SOL). There is also automatic indexing and sending an e-mail to users (2,000 e-mails have already been sent).


The service was developed by outsourcing the project to a private company.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

The business support and support service can continue to operate after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Organization: Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA)

Scope: National

Policy area: Οικονομία, Δημόσια Διοίκηση

Issue to be resolved: Business

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