Remote Electronic Inspections 0 (0)

Description of innovation  Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) implements an inspection system to enforce the provisions of the radiation protection regulations adapted to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspections are part of the regulatory review to ensure compliance with the radiation protection requirements to which (a) all justified radiation Read more…

Contacless Access Network Application at the Panpeloponnisiakon Stadium 0 (0)

Innovation description The Pampeloponnisiakon Stadium of the Municipality of Patras is a large set of Olympic sport facilities with a main football field with a capacity of 23,588 seats, main open track, auxiliary football field, 5 * 5 football fields, basketball and volleyball fields, indoor halls, ping-pong, wrestling and weight Read more…

Utilising BLUE LAB’s technological equipment for the construction of protection shields against COVID-19 0 (0)

Innovation Description The Municipality of Piraeus with the use of advanced technological equipment of the Business Innovation Center for Blue Growth – “Blue Lab”, contributed to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic by producing face shields. The shields are produced by the method of 3D printing and are offered free of Read more…

Become a Public Health Protection Volunteer 0 (0)

The disproportionate needs created by the Covid-19 pandemic and this unprecedented situation make it necessary in every way to strengthen the national health system. Thus, in addition to the assistance to medical and nursing staff as well as equipment, it was deemed necessary to provide health services to the health structures of our country by volunteers.

Help at home 0 (0)

During the current period of dealing with the coVID-19 crisis, the need for care and support of the most vulnerable groups of citizens (the poor, the elderly, the disabled, etc.) has become even more apparent. In this context, it was deemed necessary to strengthen the existing organizational structure “Help at Home” in the country’s municipalities, which can, directly and effectively, contribute to the provision of a variety of services to citizens, especially the weakest, and to cover their increased needs.

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