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Public Sector Innovation Laboratory “Innovation GOV.LAB”

1st Round of Innovation Workshops July 2021

Conclusions from the workshops on "Co-design of  Public Organizations' Innovation Model"

On 13, 19 and 27 July 2021, 48 executives from the Greek public administration, members of the National Public Sector Innovation Network, from 43 public organizations, participated in the action of the public sector innovation laboratory of the Ministry of Interior, "Innovation GOV.LAB" objecting to the co-shaping of the Innovation Development Model.

The action completed the first round of innovation workshops on the Innovation Model and was implemented online using interactive tools with the participation of innovation network executives in three groups.

The result of the workshops strengthens the process of planning actions to support innovation by the Ministry of Interior, as the Innovation Development Model will be a toolkit for innovation policy design.


Public Administration Innovation Development Model - a new toolkit for enhancing the innovation capacity of public organizations

Innovation is today one of the most widespread concepts for the adaptation and improvement of organizations in an environment that is constantly changing and constantly creating challenges and opportunities.

The Innovation Model, which is designed and developed by the Innovation and Best Practices Department


OPSI OECD Innovation Workshop June 8, 2021: “Model 4 Facet: Adaptive Innovation” 0 (0)

On 8 June 2021 (14: 00-17: 00 CET), OPSI OECD, in collaboration with the Portuguese Ministry of Administrative Modernization, will conduct an online innovation workshop, in the 4-dimensional model, on “Adaptive Innovation: Creating Sustainable and flexible practices in the public sector”. This workshop is part of a series of workshops designed by OPSI OECD and part of a Horizon 2020 program, which is supported by the Ministry of Interior with the participation of the Innovation and Best Practices Department, as a member of the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Members of the innovation community who wish to attend this workshop online can submit an interest to participate in the link

until June 2, 2021 in order to then give them registration and access information.

Which are the 4 aspects of innovation?

Every public organization aims to serve the citizen directly or indirectly and in the context of its operation changes and innovates, whether consciously or not.

These changes and innovations have different aspects, goals and aspects and require different approaches. It is important for public organizations to think every time why they are innovating and if they are using the


Innovation Workshop “Preventive innovation capacity of public bodies and preventive technology policy” 0 (0)

On July 7, 2021 (13: 30-15: 15 CET), the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OPSI OECD) will hold an online innovation workshop on "Preventive capacity of public organizations and technology policy".

This workshop, following innovation workshops organized by OPSI OECD, delves into the preventive innovation aspect and focuses on examining the relationship between the design of public administration systems to manage future challenges, with changes in both Technology and Innovation.

Members of the innovation community who wish to attend online this workshop, which is held in English, can apply at until 02 July 2021 in order to be given registration and access information.


A few words about the workshop

We are in a period of rapid socio-technical change, as well as increased uncertainty due to increasing challenges such as pandemic outcomes management, climate change response and technological development, which disrupts organizational models and public organizations’ relations with society.

In the context of effective preventive management of future challenges, the Technology and Innovation systems that support the technological transformation of public organizations should be designed taking into account the need to redesign the operation of public organizations.

What we will


Preventive Innovation Management: Conclusions from the OECD Innovation Workshop – March 11 and 12 0 (0)

The OECD, in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance of Finland and with the support of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Programme, organized on 11 and 12 March 2021 an international online workshop on anticipatory innovation, one of the 4 facets of innovation, according to the OPSI-OECD model.

Anticipatory innovation is action based on knowledge of the future, creating something new that can have an impact on public value. It helps governments explore and operate in view of uncertain change.

Anticipatory innovation management refers to the structures and mechanisms that help and promote anticipatory innovation in relation to other types of innovation in the public sector.

Anticipatory innovation is one of the four facets of innovation, based on the "4 facet" model developed by the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory.

The workshop was attended by akmost 300 executives, from 70 countries, including executives from the Greek public administration.

The 3 topics discussed at the workshop

The discussion focused on 3 topics:

1) how to set up systems of anticipatory innovation management on the national level2) how to build in room for radical experimentation,

3) how to align these activities with traditional strategies and possible missions governments may have.How


Improvement-oriented innovation: Conclusions from the OECD workshop 0 (0)

How can innovation improve the design of policies and services in the public sector?

On 11 May 2021, more than 100 innovation executives from 36 countries attended the OECD Workshop, in collaboration with the Austrian Government, on innovation-driven innovation.

The Innovation and Best Practices Department, Directorate of Strategic Planning and Innovation of the Ministry of Interior, a member of the OECD Innovation Network, collaborated with the OECD Innovation Observatory and the meeting was attended by representatives of 11 members, in the Public Sector Innovation Network, which has been established and operates since 2020.

The workshop was the second cycle of innovation workshops regarding the 4 facet model. The executives who attended observed the way in which innovation is linked to the improvement of critical performance indicators of a public organization, such as efficiency and productivity. They also learned about methods and tools for developing improvement-oriented innovation.

What is improvement-oriented innovation?

According to the presentation of Dr. Piret Tõnurist from OPSI, responsible for OPSI's work on systems thinking, innovation measurement, and preventive governance, improvement-oriented innovations are innovations that seek to improve or upgrade practices a public organization already implements, achieving better results or efficiency, and usually based

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