Invitation for participation of the Public Sector Innovation Network in the Innovation Marathon “EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon” 0 (0)

Invitation for participation of the Public Sector Innovation Network in the Innovation Marathon "EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon"

The General Secretariat for Human Resources of the Public Sector, actively participates and supports the event of the Innovation Marathon, organized by the National Center for Public Administration and Local Government (EKDDA) entitled "EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon".

The event, "EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon" is scheduled for 19 - 20 February 2022 and will take place in hybrid form. Participants will be able to have a physical presence at the EKDDA (Piraeus 211, Tavros) while remote video conferencing tools will also be used.

The Innovation Marathon "EKDDA Gov 5.0 Hackathon", has as its initial goal the mobilization of the innovation community, through the cooperation of public bodies and the interaction of public administration and local government officials. The event is expected to contribute to the creation of original and innovative applications, which promote the transformation of the public sector, making management more efficient and improving the quality of services to citizens. The collaboration of users and partners in the formulation of solutions and the creation of prototypes are key elements of the innovation development process, as highlighted by the Innovation Development Model.



Call of the General Secretariat for Public Sector Human Resources of the Ministry of Interior for innovation 0 (0)

Invitation to participate in the innovation community

On 01/12/2021, the General Secretariat for Public Sector Human Resources of the Ministry of Interior, with a document, invited the public organizations to actively participate in the dissemination of innovation in the Greek public administration.

Innovation is one of the most emerging skills that public organizations need to develop and possess in order to support their transformation.

Innovation, when developed through a specific process and the appropriate methodology and knowledge, can be a mechanism to support public organizations to operate efficiently and flexibly, responding to changes in the environment in order to provide quality services to citizens.

In the Innovation and Best Practices Department, relevant tools have been developed that can support public organizations in the innovation process and enhance their knowledge of innovation.

The General Secretariat for Public Sector Human Resources invites public organizations to actively participate in the innovation community, through their registration and participation in the public sector innovation network as well as to submit and share the innovations they have developed.

Submission of Innovations

The Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Ministry of Interior is the central point in the Greek public administration where good practices, knowledge, and experiences


OECD Conference 18 & 19 October: Government after recovery 0 (0)

Government Beyond Recovery: Learning from the crisis to create a future adaptive public sector

About a year ago, on November 17, 2020, the Ministry of Interior organized the conference on "Innovation and Crisis Management". The conference was organized within the framework of the international initiative of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development "Government After Shock" in order to review the challenges of the crisis and how they are managed by the public administration. The crisis, a year ago, had changed many of our approaches and focused on managing the challenges through innovation. Three key questions were then asked:

  • What should we keep?
  • What should we leave behind?
  • What should we do differently?

    At the conference of the Ministry of Interior, more than 400 participants attended the planning of the Greek public administration in critical areas. More than 6,000 people from around the world attended the Government After Shock OECD conference on November 18, 2020, to learn how the crisis can be a guide to building better public services.

    The issues that emerged were:

    • In times of crisis, the public sector can be efficient and work out of the ordinary,
    • Digital transformation and data have a positive impact when

    Innovation Laboratories “Co-design of Public Organizations’ Innovation Model” by Ministry of Interior 0 (0)

    Public Sector Innovation Laboratory “Innovation GOV.LAB”

    1st Round of Innovation Workshops July 2021

    Conclusions from the workshops on "Co-design of  Public Organizations' Innovation Model"

    On 13, 19 and 27 July 2021, 48 executives from the Greek public administration, members of the National Public Sector Innovation Network, from 43 public organizations, participated in the action of the public sector innovation laboratory of the Ministry of Interior, "Innovation GOV.LAB" objecting to the co-shaping of the Innovation Development Model.

    The action completed the first round of innovation workshops on the Innovation Model and was implemented online using interactive tools with the participation of innovation network executives in three groups.

    The result of the workshops strengthens the process of planning actions to support innovation by the Ministry of Interior, as the Innovation Development Model will be a toolkit for innovation policy design.


    Public Administration Innovation Development Model - a new toolkit for enhancing the innovation capacity of public organizations

    Innovation is today one of the most widespread concepts for the adaptation and improvement of organizations in an environment that is constantly changing and constantly creating challenges and opportunities.

    The Innovation Model, which is designed and developed by the Innovation and Best Practices Department


    Innovation Laboratories by Ministry of Interior: “Co-design of Public Organizations’ Innovation Model” 0 (0)

    On 13, 19 and 27 July 2021 (10: 00-12: 00), the Innovation and Best Practices Department of the Strategic Planning and Innovation Directorate of the Ministry of Interior organizes innovation workshops, on "Co-designing a Model for Innovation Development of Public Organizations”.

    The online co-design workshops are an introduction to innovation workshops and aim to collaborate with members of the innovation community to create the tools of an Innovation Development Model, which is designed to be a toolkit for projects’ and actions’ development in the context of innovation policy.

    Members, who participate in the national public sector innovation network, can submit their participation interest through an online form after a relevant invitation that will be sent to them.

    A few words about the workshops

    Public organizations are systems that produce value for their beneficiaries through the management of their resources and the implementation of appropriate management systems. In a rapidly changing world, where challenges are becoming more complex, innovation is, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, one of the most important policies for public organizations to continue to meet challenges by improving their skills.

    In the Strategic Planning and Innovation Directorate of the Ministry

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