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Submission form on COVID-19 innovative actions - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

Submission form on COVID-19 innovative actions - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

We are looking for innovative actions implemented by central government or local government bodies as well as other public services either individually or with the participation of other public organizations, civil society and the private sector, to better respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Our goal is to highlight and manage issues that have emerged or are expected to emerge in the near future as a consequence of the crisis in the economic and social life of the citizens of Greece. We invite the public services to respond as quick as possible to this action of the Innovation Observatory of the Ministry of Interior, emphasizing  on the best possible mapping of the characteristics of the actions taken and the first results, if any.

We call on those involved in the submission of innovative actions that have been taken or are planned on issues that could concern:


• Care or action to manage citizens who have health issues or have been exposed to COVID-19,
• Safety and health of staff and citizens, to reduce exposure to COVID-19 when performing duties or providing services,
• Personnel and citizen information e.g. developing an application or using electronic media or social networks to share information  about COVID-19
• Working methods, managing and mobilizing staff, any changes that may include the use of remote tools, assigning new tasks due to emergencies or developing new partnerships e.g. with transport companies
• Real-time data collection, sharing and analysis, such as the use of open data concerning COVID-19 or the creation of predictive models or analysis that facilitate action
• Change in the way the service is provided, such as electronic procedures, delivery of documents or products at home, operating by appointments, etc.
• Social innovation – citizen service for social reasons, such as the development of an electronic platform for submitting requests for assistance or the creation of groups to serve categories of citizens, etc.

The innovative action that will be submitted, must describe in a short but understandable way the issue it faces as well as the result or the predicted - estimated result. In addition, it is helpful for us to have your thoughts on the needs for new services that may arise as your suggestions will be used in the "We-Novate" project.

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