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International actions on COVID-19 - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

International actions on COVID-19 - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

The Department of Innovation and Best Practices of the General Secretariat for Human Resources of the Ministry of Interior, since April 2020, participates in the international effort to disseminate knowledge of best practices regarding pandemic management and the challenges it poses to various public policies. These challenges are both during the duration of the pandemic and for the preparation of the next day.

In this context, the Department collects data on practices by which the public administrations of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Member States seek to address the issues that arise. This section lists the table of practices selected and processed by the Department of Innovation, following their posting to the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory. Department of Innovation is a member of it. This action aims to inspire the Greek innovation community from international practices to design, at a national level, corresponding national, regional, and local crisis management actions.

Specifically, after analyzing the data, which are reflected below in the Charter of International Practices, we have selected 229 practices that have been implemented by national administrations and organizations from more than 30 countries. According to the data most of the practices designed during the pandemic period involve design and service delivery. The pandemic crisis was a catalyst for developments so that very quickly new ones can be created or digitally existing services can upgrade with the use of technology. The goal is twofold, on the one hand, to protect the staff, on the other hand, to protect the citizens and reduce the gathering and the exposure to the pandemic.

Also, it is interesting to note that 41.82% of the practices aimed at improving the public administration sector, which further highlights the nature of the changes that led to the acceleration of administrative reforms. It is also noted, that the practices applied in the field of public administration aimed at improving the way decisions are made, as they reinforced the collection and management of data.

The above data and the table below certify the best possible way the dominant changes that occurred at an international level, which are largely identical to the changes promoted in Greece in 2020, on the occasion of the pandemic crisis, as presented at the conference organized by the Ministry of Interior on November 17, 2020. For these, you can find information at this link.

Finally, it is noted that the practices posted in the current section of the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Ministry of Interior, have not been certified in terms of their effectiveness by the Department of Innovation and Best Practices. It is not possible to verify the data which were received. Posting them, however, can be a source of new ideas for innovative practices at the national level.

Table of International Practices in response to COVID-19 Pandemic:

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