International actions on COVID-19

International actions on COVID-19

Innovation and Best Practices Unit collects and analyses practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This section lists practices that have been selected from the Observatoty of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI OECD). The aim is to inspire the Greek innovation community with international practices in order to design actions in response and management of the crisis.

The International Practices Map presents almost 200 practices implemented by different countries, while the majority (more than 40%), concern the design and provision of services. International practices data show that countries have very quickly tried to create new or upgrade existing services using technology, to protect employees and citizens from the pandemic exposure and prevent physical presence in government agencies.

However, an interesting element in a significant number of practices, about 15%, is the increasing orientation of public organizations to decision-making support systems using data, which now reflectw the need for new ways of governing.

It is noted that the practices posted in the Observatoty of Public Sector Innovation (OPSI OECD) have not been certified in terms of their effectiveness by Innovation and Best Practices Unit and it is not possible to verify the data we have received. However, posting them can be a source of new ideas for new innovative practices at national level.

Table of International Practices in response to COVID-19 Pandemic:

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