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Public organisations’ actions on the COVID-19 crisis - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

Public organisations’ actions on the COVID-19 crisis - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit


The spread of the crisis related to the coronavirus epidemic is leading public organizations to the need for rapid decision-making and the implementation of innovative actions by changing existing approaches and using new tools.
The goal is common, it concerns the management of issues at national and local level, in areas of economic and social life, in an environment with constraints, leading to changes in key areas of operation of public organizations and in the way of providing services. In these critical conditions, uncertainty is even greater as the need to respond to emerging issues leads to the adoption of initiatives and innovative actions, without necessarily planning to have preceded and the result is not yet clear.


In this context, we seek innovative actions implemented by public organizations to manage the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, by central government or local government bodies either individually or in collaboration with other public organizations and the participation of the civil society and the private sector. In addition, we seek information from public services on the challenges they expect to manage in the near future as a result of the pandemic crisis in the economic and social life of citizens as well as proposals for solutions that could contribute to better management.
We invite the public services for the immediate response to this action of the Innovation Observatory of the Ministry of Interior, emphasizing the best possible mapping of the characteristics of the actions taken and the first results, if any.



The actions of public organizations to address the COVID-19 crisis will be posted on the Innovation Observatory as our goal is to highlight them and share them with other public organizations.



Currently, in the international environment, countries are looking, either individually or in organized groups in the EU and the OECD, for solutions to the common problems of the crisis. Constantly, new initiatives are being taken with a focus on utilizing the potential of new technologies and social innovation. In this environment, the Innovation Department of the Ministry of Interior is collecting and posting some of the first anti-pandemic actions internationally, with data from the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory (OPSI) and the European Public Administration Network.
Our goal is to share data and disseminate actions from the international environment so that Greek public organizations can get to know and take advantage of these opportunities that have already begun to be put in practice.



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