Alimos Municipality – Next to you with a phone call – as we stay home


The innovation in this action can be seen in the change of the way of providing the services that can be offered by the 1st degree Local Government (that is the municipalities) with the assistance of the municipal employees. At the present time, employees of the Municipality serve the citizens and residents of the area of ​​Alimos at home. With a phone call the employee makes the purchase on behalf of the citizen of the essential items he/she wants and does not have the ability to do it himself/herself, because he/she belongs to a vulnerable group or a high risk group. Respectively, the employee issues on behalf and at the authorization of the interested party certificates and attestations from the KEP (Citizen Service Center) and certifies the signature authenticity at home.


The present action aims to serve the citizens and residents who are not familiar with  technology to carry out electronic orders and electronic issuance of corresponding certificates or attestations. Desired result: the fulfillment of the primary goal of the local self-government which is none other than the service of the citizens  and the guarantee of their health and safety. The total number of beneficiaries since the start of the program amounts to 3,000 citizens and residents.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

This action is expected to continue after the end of the COVID-19 crisis.

Agency: Municipality of Alimos

Scope: Local government

Policy area: Social Policy

Resolution theme: Strengthening social care and support for vulnerable groups due to increased needs during the covid-19 pandemic.

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Design and service delivery, Social Innovation

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable population groups (needy, disabled, elderly, etc.)

Innovation Stage: Implementation


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