Activation of a 5-digit number with simultaneous storage and sharing of data in real time (cloud technology) – Municipality of Ag. Dimitrios

Description of innovation

The citizen line 15371 was activated during the pandemic period and the restrictive measures imposed, to service vulnerable groups in the the Municipality of Agios Dimitrios. The requests are recorded in a cloud file for immediate use by the organisations's employees (mainly social services).
Social care services are provided to people who cannot or are not allowed to move from their home, by the Municipality’s Social Service aiming to provide the basic goods related to their nutrition and health.
People without supportive environment, the elderly, the disabled and those suffering from chronic diseases and are vulnerable to coronavirus, by calling 15371, they have immediate help in order to cover their basic needs that includes food and medicine delivery or urgent issues regarding their transaction with municipal or other services.
The Social Service, assisted by the active manpower of the Municipality, is present for as long as the restrictive measures last. The telephone support line 15371 is open daily and on weekends from 8:00 to 20:00.



Providing social care services to people in need in order to maintain social cohesion, but also to avoid congruence and prevent the spread of covid-19. Up to date, about 307 citizens' requests for help through the line have been answered.


Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

This action could continue to be implemented after the crisis, with differences in the way certain services are provided, which may not be delivered at home.

Organisation: Municipality of Agios Dimitrios

Level of government: Local government

Policy sector: Social Policy

Addressing issue: Serving volnureable population groups in need of access to basic goods

Year: 2020

Innovation type: Social Innovation

Beneficiaries: Weak population groups, people who cannot or should not leave their home

Innovation stage: Application



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