Utilising BLUE LAB’s technological equipment for the construction of protection shields against COVID-19

Innovation Description

The Municipality of Piraeus with the use of advanced technological equipment of the Business Innovation Center for Blue Growth - "Blue Lab", contributed to dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic by producing face shields. The shields are produced by the method of 3D printing and are offered free of charge to the medical and nursing staff of the country.

With the possibility of producing 60 protection shields per day, the Municipality of Piraeus was called upon to provide a solution to the important problem that has arisen, regarding the supply of necessary material for the protection of public health and health personnel, with the 3D printing technology of the "Blue Lab". To date, 2,000 shields have been distributed to nursing staff, health centers, nursing homes, school cleaners, staff of the Municipality working in cutting-edge services, such as KEP, etc.

The production and distribution of necessary protection material from COVID-19 to special categories of workers.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis
The construction of another 2,000 shields has already been launched, which will be distributed to teachers. This initiative is a potential business proposal that serves social needs.









Agency: Municipality of Pireus

Scope: Regional / local government, Hospital / health units

Policy area: Social welfare and protection

Issue to be resolved: Health and safety of staff

Year: 2020

Innovation type: Design and provision of services

Beneficiaries: Special categories of population and workers

Innovation Stage: Implementation

URL: 3d printing για τους γιατρούς και νοσηλευτές του Πειραιά

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