e-Citizen – Municipality of Serres

Description of innovation

Due to the pandemic of covid-19 and in order to avoid the spread of the virus due to interaction, the operation of the application “e- citizen Clicknspot” was accelerated in Municipality of Serres. Through Clicknspot, applications can now be submitted through an electronic platform for obtaining certificates from the municipal services electronically, in order to facilitate the citizens and reduce the need to visit the municipal services in person.



Improving the provision of services to citizens through electronic issue of certificates in order to avoid unnecessary commute and dispersal of covid-19. Since the beginning of May, about 70 certificates have been provided electronically by the municipality.



Due to the pandemic of covid-19, the already existing 2- year-cooperation with a private company for the creation of the application was accelerated, in order to provide certificates electronically. Part of the application is still in process.


Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

It will continue to be a key tool for citizens after the crisis in order services to be carried remotely, especially concerning financial services and urban planning.

Agency: Municipality of Serres

Scope: Τοπική αυτοδιοίκηση 

Policy sector: Public Administration

Addressing issue: Staff and citizen information e.g. application, Manner of work, management and mobilization of staff, Change in the way the service is provided

Year: 2020

Innovation Type: Provision of services, way of working, management and staff mobilization

Beneficiaries: All citizens

Innovation Stage: Implementation

URL: https://www.clicknspot.com


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