Description of Innovation

The Center for International and European Economic Law (ECDC) has set up a "COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Impact Assessment Laboratory in key areas of EU law". Specifically, the sectors are: 1. fundamental freedoms, 2. public procurement, 3. personal data, 4. state aid. The effects of the coronavirus will be significantly felt in the coming years. The outbreak of the pandemic substantially affected the functioning of states, democratic institutions and their legal systems. Measures taken by governments, such as compulsory quarantine, border closures and restrictions on mobility, have a significant impact on business, trade and employment. That is why it is important that they adhere to the principles of solidarity and justice. In addition, measures such as geolocation and contact tracking applications, the processing of personal data by employers, distance learning and the introduction of digital systems in public administration require strict adherence to the EU and national legal framework and the principle of proportionality for parallel protection privacy and protection of personal data and on the other hand the protection of public health. Furthermore, the planning for the allocation and utilization of resources, which will be distributed by the European Union and the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability (RRF), the monitoring of the implementation of the design and the issues that will arise from this implementation are, therefore, matters relating entirely to EU law. Recognizing the importance and the multifaceted effects of the pandemic on the above issues, KDEOD implemented the Laboratory through the operation of the website The main result of the operation of the Laboratory is the detailed, complete, comprehensible and timely recording of the latest legislative, jurisprudential and political developments at national and EU level, which facilitates public bodies and companies in adapting to the new data of the pandemic. The added value of this innovation lies in the selection of the 4 key areas of EU law and the presentation of the relevant developments, which otherwise would have to be sought in various and less systematic sources. The publication of newsletters that is expected to start immediately will further enhance the viability and visibility of the Laboratory and its research project.

Reasons for Innovation

Aiming to produce a high level of research work always in line with the latest developments, the reason for the development of innovation is to examine the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in four key areas of Union law. The number of legislative measures taken in the last year at national and EU level as well as the number of case law and administrative developments make the creation of the Covid Law Lab imperative in order for citizens to have access to a systematic database that presents the latest developments. in an understandable and complete way. Providing answers to questions from public or private bodies and developing original research on legal issues emerging from the impact of the pandemic on the EU structure is a useful tool for adapting citizens, businesses and public bodies to the new pandemic data.

Objectives of Innovation

The aim of the Laboratory is the continuous recording and evaluation of the effects of Covbid-19 in Greek society, as well as the provision of specialized legal answers to public and / or private bodies on issues related to the effects of anti-pandemic measures in key areas of fundamental rights and freedoms , the protection of personal data and state aid.

Innovation results

The beneficiaries of the innovation application are the users of the laboratory's website, who on average are about 10 new users every day, a number that shows an increasing trend and is expected to increasemore in the next period. Apart from Greece, these new users come from other European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom. The interaction of users, not only new but also those who have visited the site again, with Covid Law Lab content is remarkable as there are over 100 interactions / events (visiting web pages, using the links provided and downloading files) in period of 3 days. In addition, the loyalty of the users to the content of the website reaches up to 100% for the users who are directed to the website directly through the Google search engine.

Design stage

For the design of the Laboratory, the staff of KDEOD was employed, which has the necessary specialization in the selected fields and it was foreseen that the innovation would be applied independently without any connection with another existing process, structure or information system.

Implementation stage

For the implementation of the innovation, the special website was developed, under the supervision of the Human Resources of the organization, in which all relevant data are registered and accessible to users.

Dissemination Stage Innovation spreads outside and inside the organization. Internal communication channels, the institution's website, and even the institution's Press Office are used for dissemination, as well as quarterly newsletters.


The innovation was developed exclusively in-house and no collaborations took place.

Financing and costs

The project was financed mainly from the institution's own resources. For the development of innovation at an early stage, 14 members of the organization were employed, including 2 administrators, and 1 external partner, for a period of 1 month. The project team consists of 14 staff members of the organization, who work on a daily basis for the maintenance, information and enrichment of the COVIDLAWLAB laboratory.

Challenges and solutions during design, testing and implementation

To date, no problems have been observed in the development of innovation and it works smoothly.

Assessment - description of the necessary conditions for success and sustainability of innovation

The success of the innovation consists in its informative and advisory character, the listing of the relevant material in summary tables and its simple and understandable structure. Due to the above, its success is immediate and it is estimated that it will be long-term. (results of the Pandemic).

Experiences, thoughts, findings

The COVIDLAWLAB laboratory is basically an innovation at the organizational level, as it improves existing services. It works as a codifier in specific areas of EU law, due to the fact that it collects legal material, which is scattered in electronic sources. It is also oriented towards the goal of information and opinion and is generally a useful advisory tool for anyone interested.

Agency: Center for International and European Economic Law

Level of government: National

Policy area: Public Administration, Education, Economy

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Design and service delivery, Citizen participation, communication and behavior

Innovation Stage: Dissemination

Beneficiaries: General population

Number of beneficiaries: about 1500 users since the beginning of 2021 (about 10 per day)

Sources of Funding: National Resources, Institutional Budget







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