Description of innovation

The Greek Atomic Energy Commission (ΕΕΑΕ) adapts to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. It organizes online / distance training of professional teams in the field of radiation protection, offering professionals the opportunity to access training activities that combine theoretical and practical teaching regarding the safe use of radiation sources, or their harmless engagement with radiation practices. Radiation protection training mainly concerns radiation workers. These are workers in hospitals and health facilities (eg technologists, nursing staff, doctors, radiophysicists) and industrial areas e.g. radiographers. Plus, it may concern personnel of the special emergency response teams (eg Fire Brigade, Coast Guard, EKAB, etc.).

The first webinar was attended by 35 trainees, working in customs, airport and port facilities, as well as transport companies, which operate safety systems using radiation, i.e. the well-known X-ray machines and was supported by 2 EEAE's trainers.





The purpose is that during the period of pandemic a high level of safety culture is maintained in organizations and staff who apply practices using radiation.

Maintain and integrate innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

Electronic distance training is going to continue after the end of the pandemic.


Organisation: Greek Atomic Energy Commission

Scope: National

Policy area: Health

Issue to be resolved: Health and safety of staff and citizens

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Provision of services, Education

Beneficiaries: Employee groups

Innovation Stage: Implementation

URL: Distance training from ΕΕΑΕ

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