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Ιnnovation Description 

The Municipality of Visaltia has developed an electronic application, through which it can receive electronic requests from citizens and businesses, process them and return them to the citizens' digital mailbox. Thus, during the Covid-19 pandemic, physical interaction is avoided, through which the virus is transmitted, both to citizens and to public servants, as physical presence is not required and requests are processed remotely.

The platform is in pilot implementation from May 8. Citizens can submit applications and receive certificates from the municipal register and male registry, cleaning and green services, financial and technical services, water supply, sewerage and irrigation services as well as general requests.


So far, the majority of requests (approximately 60%) concern the issue of certificates, while a large portion (approximately 30%) concerns requests to the Cleaning and Green services. The goal is in the coming months 50% of all requests to the municipality to be carried out electronically in order to facilitate both citizens and employees working from home.


The Municipality in the stages of innovation development collaborated with a private sector company.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

This application will continue to work after the crisis, in the same way it works today.

Agency: Municipality of Vissaltia

Scope: Local government

Policy sector: Public administration

Addressing issue: Electronic provision of administrative services to avoid physical interaction

Year: 2020

Innovation type: Design and provision of services

Beneficiaries: All citizens

Innovation stage: Pilot implementation



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