Providing food and medical assistance at home to people in need – Municipality of Trikala

Description of innovation

Distribution of food and medical assistance to the beneficiaries at home (TEVA Program) every 30-40 days. By implementing an organized door-to-door distribution system for food and personal hygiene stuff for the beneficiaries of the program, after a telephone appointment, it is achieved to avoid unnecessary commuting of citizens and interaction in the distribution areas of products thus avoiding the spread of covid-19 in the community. The program already existed, however during the pandemic period the deliveries of goods were intensified and the way of delivery was different(delivered at home). The Department of Social Policies and Public Health of the Municipality is informed and the employees who work exclusively for the program as well as temporary employees carry out the distributions. The beneficiaries of the program are, if they state in the special form that they wish it, the beneficiaries of the Social Solidarity Allowance.



Home delivery of food to weak populations (the poor, people in extreme poverty) and people who cannot or should not move out of their homes). The goal is to distribute to the 2,700 beneficiaries of the program in the Municipality of Trikala but also to the more than 4,000 beneficiaries in the Regional Unit of Trikala, in which the Municipality of Trikala has the supervision of the Program.



Decisive was the contribution of private companies that provided the necessary means for the transport of vulnerable products, as well as the free distribution of telecommunication equipment by Amateur Radio Associations enabling the wireless communication of distribution teams with the base.


Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

The action of door-to-door distribution to the socially disadvantaged groups of the population can improve the level of services provided to citizens without the need to establish new services. The action will continue to be implemented after the pandemic of covid-19, but the supply of goods may not be carried out at home.

Agency: Municipality of Trikala

Scope: Local government

Policy sector: Social Welfare

Addressing issue: Reduce local commuting coin order to prevent the spread of covid-19 to citizens who belong to vulnerable groups.

Year: 2020

Innovation Type: Social Innovation

Beneficiaries: Weak population groups, people who cannot or should not leave the house

Innovation Stage: Implementation



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