Innovation Description

To substantially support the business world during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, EBEA took the initiative and created a modern and authoritative "Electronic Information & Business Consulting Service on coronavirus-related issues". The briefing covers current issues related to Covid-19, tax issues, legislation, insurance, and labor issues as well as the posting of supporting slips and forms.


To provide substantial information and business assistance to deal with the effects of the Covid-19 crisis as effectively as possible. To date, 448 articles have been posted (laws/circulars / JMC etc.) specialized in covid-19 by a special group of consultants (SOL), coded with tags for easy retrieval. Already 107 registered Users-Businesses use the service, while 55 personalized questions have been answered by a special group of consultants (SOL). There is also automatic indexing and sending an e-mail to users (2,000 e-mails have already been sent).


The service was developed by outsourcing the project to a private company.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

The business support and support service can continue to operate after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis.

Organization: Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA)

Scope: National

Policy area: Οικονομία, Δημόσια Διοίκηση

Issue to be resolved: Business information, How to work, management and staff mobilization, Real-time data collection, sharing and analysis.

Year: 2020

Innovation Type: Design and service delivery, Data management and decision making

Beneficiaries: Businesses

Innovation Stage: Implementation



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