Animal Solidarity

Innovation Description

#AnimalSolidarityGR invites companies, organizations and veterinarians from all over the country who want to help, so that we do not leave our four-legged friends unprotected at this unprecedented time. Today, and as long as the measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19 continue, both stray animals and pets whose owners are unable to take care of them, need our help. Taking care of their well-being is an act of responsibility and humanity.



The protection of stray animals as well as pets whose owner are unable to take care of them, through the provision of food, veterinary services, medicines, distribution and transportation services.




The action is implemented with the cooperation of KEDE (Union of Municipalities and Regions) and with those who submit their product and services offers for the care of animals. KEDE is informed daily about the available offers and takes care of their distribution in the municipalities, depending on the needs.


Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

Utilization of the data that will result from the recording of stray animals at local level.


Organisation: Ministry of Interior

Level of government: National, Local 

Policy Sector: Public Administration, Culture, Social Welfare and Protection

Addressing issue: Care of stray animals and pets

Year: 2020

Innovation type: Public Services, New Technologies, Data Management, Social Innovation

Beneficiaries: Stray animals, pets whose owners are unable to take care of them

Innovation stage: Application



Categories: Other

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