Contacless Access Network Application at the Panpeloponnisiakon Stadium

Innovation description

The Pampeloponnisiakon Stadium of the Municipality of Patras is a large set of Olympic sport facilities with a main football field with a capacity of 23,588 seats, main open track, auxiliary football field, 5 * 5 football fields, basketball and volleyball fields, indoor halls, ping-pong, wrestling and weight halls etc. The activity amounts to 300 people on average per day, not counting the continuous international, national and local games and without including the frequent attendance of citizens during cultural and other activities.

The daily entry control of the athletes took place with a handwritten record in books. Crowding during peak hours increasingly created conditions for disease transmission, inefficiency and limited service delivery.

At the crisis of COVID-19, the Municipality of Patras responded immediately and actively developing without any cost, with the existing staff of the Municipality of Patras at the Pampeloponnisiakon Stadium, a web application for controlling the contactless access of athletes and visitors to the Stadium. During the athlete's entry, the visit time, the athlete / visitor's id is passed to the login application, automatically retrieving in real time the data, such as time, name, surname, title, sports club, sports venue, etc. from the application database, while at the exit of the athlete the same electronic procedure is followed.

This protects the safety and health of staff and citizens, increases productivity in the respective man-hours, provides a significant level of services harmonized with the instructions of the responsible authorities for COVID-19, while collecting real-time data for processing, analysis and information of athletes and visitors via mass sms and emails. Necessary measures for the protection of personal data are taken at all stages.


The protection of the health of the athletes and the visitors of the Stadium, and the information of those interested in the operation of the facilities during the pandemic of Covid-19, through the process of the contactless access records of all those entering and leaving the stadium. The process serves about 300 people a day on average.

The action was developed by the staff of the Municipality.

Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

The action can continue to be implemented even after the period of the Covid-19 crisis, as in any case it contributes to the increase of productivity and to the improvement of the level of the provided service.

Agency: Municipality of Patra

Scope: Local government

Policy sector:Public Administration, Health

Issue to be resolved: Health and safety of staff and citizens

Yeat: 2020

Innovation type: Process design and redesign, data management and decision making

Beneficiaries: All ctizens

Innovation stage: Application

URL: Ανάπτυξη δικτυακής εφαρμογής ανέπαφου ελέγχου εισόδου-εξόδου αθλητών και επισκεπτών στο Παμπελοποννησιακό Στάδιο

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