Description of innovation 

Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EEAE) implements an inspection system to enforce the provisions of the radiation protection regulations adapted to the conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspections are part of the regulatory review to ensure compliance with the radiation protection requirements to which (a) all justified radiation practices (b) practices involving natural radioactive materials causing exposure of employees, which should not be overlooked, in terms of radiation protection and (c) the transport of radioactive materials. Therefore, organizations subject to inspections are between others, health units, public and private hospitals, health centers, clinics where radiation equipment operates (radiotherapy units, dental clinics, nuclear medicine laboratories, laboratories with MRI scans, etc.), and radioactive material transport companies. 

After taking into account the magnitude and nature of the risk associated with the practices, an overview of radiation protection issues concerning practices, and the degree of compliance with the provisions of the Radiation Protection Regulations, the inspection program was designed. Inspections are "scheduled" or "unplanned," which means that they can get carried out at any time. In both cases, inspections can be either "warned" or "unannounced."


Carrying out electronic inspections during the current pandemic period contributes to the safety of all and, at the same time, facilitates the exercise of regulatory control over radiation protection. The purpose is to avoid any delays at the exercise of regulatory control, which means at the adoption of practices, and consequently in the smooth and safe operation of organizations, mainly in the field of health services and industry. During the year 2020, 25 electronic inspections have been carried out in hospitals (e.g. radiotherapy units), industrial facilities, and other undertakings applying radiation practices.


Remote inspections require the cooperation of the inspected bodies, which can be either public or private. 

Maintain and integrate innovation after the COVID-19 crisis. 

Electronic remote inspections are going to continue after the end of the pandemic period.

Organisation: Greek Atomic Energy Commission (EAEE)

Scope: National

Policy area: Public Administration

Issue to be resolved: Health and safety of staff and citizens, working methods, administration and staff mobilization

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Process design and redesign

Beneficiaries: Employee groups, citizens

Innovation Stage: Implementation

URL: ΕΕΑΕ conducts remote electronic inspections


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