City Solidarity

Innovation description

Meeting the needs and supporting vulnerable social groups, through the supply of food, medicine, basic commodities and protection, housing equipment and social services, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those who wish to contribute to this effort, fill in the fields on the page "I want to help" with the details of the offer and send it to the Ministry of Interior. The offer may be national or local. The goal is for all citizens to have access to basic goods for daily living.


Health and safety for staff and citizens, provision of public services, caring for vulnerable social groups who due to the crisis of COVID19 remain isolated.



The action is implemented in collaboration with KEDE (The Union of Municipalities and Regions) and with those who submit their offers in basic commodities.  It is daily updated with the available offers and takes care of their distribution in the municipalities, depending on the needs.


Maintaining and integrating innovation after the COVID-19 crisis

The platform can continue to operate after the COVID-19 crisis as the supply and distribution of basic commodities and assistance to vulnerable social groups is a situation that the state and institutions are called upon to deal with on a permanent basis.


Organisation: Ministry of Interior

Level of government: National, Local 

Policy sector: Public Administration, Social Welfare and Protection, Health

Addressing issue: Personnel and citizen health and safety, Social innovation - serving citizens for social reasons

Year: 2020

Innovation type: Public services, New technologies, Data management, Social innovation

Beneficiaries: Vulnerable social groups

Innovation stage: Application


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