The practice concerns the operation of the social structure of the Municipality of Paleo Faliro for the provision of "Help at Home" services, in the context of actions to limit the spread of COVID-19 and the protection of public health.

The call center of the Municipality serves the residents who are unable or not allowed to move to meet their basic needs, aiming not only to ensure their quality of life but also to upgrade it. As of March 20, 2020, the stated structure began to serve and record the citizens who called the service. The call center is open from 08:00 to 20:00.

Besides, on the website of the municipality, citizens can obtain information about the program, register their request, and send it to the email address: menoumespiti [@], which responds daily to requests and questions aiming at direct service to the citizens or to use the special electronic form that exists on the website of the Municipality. During the communication, the citizens state their name, home address, contact numbers, age, the reason for not being able to move, and their request.

The services provided relate to the medical care of the citizens, ie execution of prescriptions in pharmacies, receipt of prescriptions & examinations as well as psychological support from the psychologist of the municipality. Assistance is also provided for the application process to the KEPA to issue a disability pension, but also assistance for the appeal against the Disability Certification Opinion in case of non-approval of the pension.

Also, the services concern purchases from supermarkets and small shops, provision of social grocery or daily provision of food. Also, requests for bill payments, genuine signatures for authorizations, home delivery of statements, and telephone information to citizens about other Welfare services served. At the same time, deliveries of food and detergents to the citizens who are unable to move are made and home deliveries of books in collaboration with the municipal library. Also, the social worker of the program carries out on-site visits and social surveys for people who belong to vulnerable groups of the population and need help.



The aim of the municipal authority is to provide social care and support services to residents who need help for a dignified and autonomous living and to improve their quality of life, the protection of public health and the implementation of social solidarity and welfare policies.


 The specific action was implemented with the resources of the Municipality (staff - structures - the amount of money - the vehicle). Part of the staff employed was hired under the provisions of covid-19 and at the initiative of some people, a report with statistics was prepared. There was also cooperation with KEDE which signed a contract with TOYOTA. Following this cooperation, 2 cars were allocated to the Municipality of Paleo Faliro for the operation of the structure. Finally, there was cooperation with the Region, which provided ready meals (for certain periods of time) which through this structure were provided to members of the social structures of the municipality and to those who called the HOME HELP call center and stated that they did not have the possibility for feeding.


The action of DP Faliro "STAY AT HOME - HELP AT HOME - COVID-19" received the "Bronze" award at the Best City Awards 2020 ( in the following category:

Pillar C. Sustainable City Section 6. Help at home Municipality of Paleo Faliro - Operation of social welfare and solidarity structure - home help - during measures to prevent and limit the spread of COVID-19.



Organization: Municipality of Paleo Faliro

Scope: Local government

Policy area: Public Administration

Solution: Social innovation - serving citizens for social reasons

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Process design and redesign, Social innovation

Beneficiaries: Residents of the municipality who are unable or not allowed to move as part of measures to limit the spread of covid-19

Innovation Stage: Implementation

Award: Bronze at the Best City Awards 2020





Categories: Covid-19

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