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Join the Innovation Community

Promoting cooperative action among public organisations representatives.

Join the Innovation Community

Promoting cooperative action among public organisations representatives.

The Public Sector Innovation Network is an initiative of the Ministry of Interior for the creation of an innovation community in the Public Sector. The innovation network was established in February 2020 and involves public organizations from central, regional, and local government.

The purpose of the innovation network is to network the executives of the innovation community and to promote the cooperation of public organizations to address common challenges, as well as their participation in joint actions planned by the Ministry of Interior.

Role of members of the Public Sector Innovation Network

The members of the Innovation Network play an active role as they represent their employer in matters of innovation and

  • take care of the collection of good practices of the body and their submission to the Public Sector Innovation Observatory
  • participate in Innovation GOV.LAB innovation workshops organized by the Ministry of Interior
  • participate in events, workshops and conferences organized by the Ministry of Interior
  • are invited to participate in international conferences and webinars on innovation
  • participate in joint actions for the design of innovation projects,
  • are the contact point and facilitate the dissemination of the innovation policy planned by the Ministry of Interior to their body
  • communicate innovation actions of the Ministry of Interior and facilitate the participation of their body in actions such as innovation research, implementation of the innovation development model, etc.
  • receive the newsletter regularly issued by the Department of Innovation and Best Practices

Instructions for joining the Innovation Network 

1)  Up to 2 representatives join the Innovation Network per body, one main member and one alternate                                                                                                                                                                                                          2)  The representatives are senior executives of the body, Heads of Directorates or Departments or a similar level.

3) After completing the following registration form and within 2 working days, it is necessary to send to innovationunit [at] a ​​relevant document of their designation in the Innovation Network signed by a senior management executive (General Secretary, Service Secretary or equivalent

4) The registration form is completed by one member for both representatives.

5) If no alternate member is appointed, the application is completed only for the main member. In case an alternate member is appointed at a later time, communication should be preceded by innovationunit [at]                                                                                                                                                                                             6) Before filling in and submitting your details online you can download and view the fields of the registration form here.

For further instructions and directions for submitting the registration form to the innovation network you can contact our department.

  Innovation Community registration form

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