Our goal

We aim to improve the performance of public administration through the implementation of innovation in the organizational structure and processes, operating systems, redesigning business operations and providing public services in accordance with the needs of the economy and society.

Our mission

We, at the Unit of Innovation, are designing innovation policy in the public sector seeking solutions in all areas of public governance to upgrade and improve public administration through the use of innovative approaches and tools.


How we work

We support public organizations to develop innovation skills by providing them the tools and methodology to achieve it. We design innovation dissemination projects, we create pilot innovation actions, support the creation of innovation networks and provide technical support to organizations that need it through innovation workshops.


Our team

Christos Kokkalas

Christos Kokkalas, has a background in innovation and entrepreneurship with academic studies in business research and new technology management. In the Innovation and Best Practices department he deals with data science and how it can be used to enhance the innovation capacity of public administration bodies.

Dr. Eugenia Adamopoulou

Dr. Eugenia Adamopoulou has knowledge of Cognitive Systems Management with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and has worked for more than 15 years in flagship Innovation Actions funded by the European Commission. In the Innovation and Best Practices department she is involved in the innovation barometer and planning of innovation policy projects.

Christina Chazaki

Christina Chazaki has knowledge of business organization and management, marketing and ERP information systems. In the Innovation and Best Practices department she is involved in analyzing the good practices of the Greek public administration and managing the content of the Department's website www.innovation.gov.gr

Fay Giannarou

Fay Giannarou has 20 years of experience in managing the full range of human resources functions with studies in human resources management, business management and marketing. In the Innovation and Best Practices department she is involved in the development of innovation skills of civil servants and innovation job profiles.

Andreas Androulakis

Andreas Androulakis has studied Computer Science with a Master's Degree in New Information and Communication Technologies. In the Innovation and Best Practices department he is involved in the design, implementation and management of the innovation platform www.innovation.gov.gr.

Vasileia Pilali

Vasileia Pilali has knowledge of data analysis, index processing and administrative organization with a degree in statistics and business management. She is also a graduate of the National School of Public Administration. In the Department of Innovation and Best Practices she is involved in research on innovation and the evaluation of the innovation system in Greek public administration.

Chara Loukatou

Hara Loukatou has administrative and secretarial knowledge and is studying Business Administration & Management. In the Innovation and Best Practices department she deals with the organizational support.

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