Our goals

We, at the Department of Innovation, plan innovation policy in the public sector by seeking actions that can support public organizations in the innovation process. We highlight good innovation practices, facilitate the flow of information nationally and internationally, create innovation tools and carry out research on innovation.

The Innovation and Best Practices Department, as a member of the Public Sector Innovation Observatory, aims to support the development of innovation in the Greek public administration through the creation of an ecosystem in the public sector.

To achieve our goal, we work to create knowledge about innovation, networking and collaboration of public organizations, in a world that is constantly changing and in which innovation emerges as a necessary feature of sustainable and effective organizations.

How we work

We support public organizations to develop innovation skills by providing them with the tools and methodology to achieve this. To date we have created the innovation platform for the dissemination of innovations, we have published guides and tools, we have organized innovation workshops and conferences while we have completed the first survey "Public Sector Innovation Barometer".

Our team

Our team consists of a mix of executives with experience and knowledge in matters of innovation management, conducting research and writing studies. We have enthusiasm for the promotion of innovation and we work together with the Greek public administration innovation community for the creation of innovation actions and projects.

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