Practical advice and ideas to public sector executives for the implementation of the principles of the Declaration on Innovation and the promotion of innovation in the public sector.

Today, more than ever, we, all public sector executives, need to develop new skills that will enable us to meet current and future challenges of all kinds.

The development of innovation in public administration is one of the national and international priorities. In this context, the Declaration on Public Sector Innovation was signed in 2019 by 35 members of the OECD and 5 non-members, at ministerial level.

The team of the Department of Innovation and Best Practices developed the Implementation Guide on the  Public Sector Innovation Declaration, in order to help you develop innovation in your organization, through practical tips and ideas.

The Implementation Guide is divided into 5 sections with ideas for promoting innovation:

  • How to boost innovation and cultivate the environment to promote innovation in your organization
  • How to develop your ability to innovate
  • How to create and participate in knowledge sharing networks
  • How to explore, try and evaluate actions
  • How to share experiences and learn through them

In the Implementation Guide, you will also find questions that can assist your thinking and the ways in which the Department of Innovation and Best Practices of the Ministry of Interior can support you.


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