Description of Innovation

The innovation concerns the information of the public about the coasts and the bathing waters in Crete through an application on a mobile phone (android and iOS). The application is addressed to both the residents of Crete and its visitors since all the information is available in Greek, English, French and German (there is a choice of language). The information is displayed through icons placed on the beaches under surveillance (mapping with geographical coordinates according to EGSA ΄87). By selecting each of the 177 icons that correspond to an equal number of beaches, the user can: - see a photo of the beach, locate it by satellite reception, etc. - be informed about the morphology-infrastructure-access, etc. - be informed about the seawater analyzes carried out in the last three years concerning the presence of pathogenic microorganisms, - to be informed about the classification of the coast into quality categories, - to seek roadmaps for access to the coast, - to locate those of the beaches that are within a radius that he / she will define from the point where he / she is - to be informed about the authorities to which he / she can address by direct telephone and e-mail addresses etc. Using the application, every citizen, Greek or not, can have complete information about the coasts and the quality of Bathing Waters in Crete. The data of the application are not static, but are updated based on the new data and the suggestions of the users.

Reasons for Innovation

The main reasons why the innovation was developed are the following: 1. Informing the citizens: Water monitoring is an application of Directive 2006/7 / EC which has been incorporated in the Greek legislation with the 8600/416 / Ε103 / JMC (Government Gazette 356 / Β / 2009). In this JMC, in addition to the establishment for the monitoring and management of bathing water quality, the provision of information to the public on water quality is required (Article 1 of the JMC) as well as the participation of the public through the exchange of information. The Department of Monitoring and Protection of Water Resources of the Water Department AD. Crete is the competent body for the above and must provide valid and complete information to the public. 2. Development of new processes or services: The mobile application was chosen as a means of informing the citizen: i. as the most useful and tried and tested method of disseminating information, ii. due to the friendly environment, iii. due to the possibility of updating and enriching the information since it is based on geographical information systems. 3. Possibility of contact with citizens-public. Through interactive means of communication such as e.g. direct e-mail or telephone call, the possibility of direct contact of the citizen with the competent authorities and public services is provided.

Objectives of Innovation

The purpose for the development of this application was the valid and the as complete as possible information to every citizen about the coasts and the quality of the Bathing Waters in Crete.

Innovation results

It is expected that the way of presenting the information and the results of the monitoring of the quality of the Bathing Waters in an easy-to-use and friendly way will increase the satisfaction but also the trust of the citizen towards the procedures of the public bodies. The assessment of whether the above objectives have actually been achieved will be carried out using the number and pace of installation of the application as well as by user comments. During the 2 months that the application is in operation, it has been downloaded and consulted for information by about 730 users via mobile phones with android and iOS software.

Design stage

The project was designed by the employees of the Department of Monitoring and Protection of Water Resources of the Water Directorate of the AD. Crete, in order for the user to have valid information in a friendly environment. All data and elements used in the application were developed by the same Department (eg photos, maps, texts, diagrams, information, etc.), as well as the conversion of data into a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment (shapefiles , kmz). After the announcement of the competition, the Laboratory of Natural Interactive Educational Games and Environments of ELMEPA Crete (Contractor) was appointed as a Contractor for the development of the appropriate software application (web-based), on a mobile phone (android and iOS) under the guidance of the Department.

Experimental Implementation stage

The test application on mobile was given to a wide range of recipients (ordinary citizens, employees related to the monitoring of Bathing Waters, engaged in tourism, etc.), in order to install it on their mobile phone and submit comments for its optimization. The experimental application lasted for a period of one month. The Department of Monitoring and Protection of Water Resources gathered all the comments and in collaboration with the Contractor (ELMEPA Laboratory) proceeded to corrections - additions and general improvement of both the environment and the information so that it is as understandable as possible by ordinary users.

Implementation stage

In order to develop the application for mobile software, the approval of the allocation of credit was preceded by the Operational Program "Crete 2014-2020". An Open Tender was held, in the issues of which the conditions and technical data required for the implementation of the project are described in detail. The completion of the project was certified by a competent monitoring and acceptance committee.

Dissemination stage

The action is disseminated within the body, through information notes, and communication networks. Also, through the organization's website, presentations in working groups, press releases etc innovation is spread outside the organization.


After an open tender, the Laboratory of Natural Interactive Educational Games and Environment of ELMEPA Crete was awarded as a Contractor for the development of software on mobile phones (android and iOS). In direct and continuous collaboration with the competent Department, the ELMEPA Laboratory developed the software to implement the project.

Financing and costs

For the development of the innovation, 3 employees of the Department and 3 people from the working group of the ELMEPA Laboratory were employed, while for the operation of the application 1 employee is occupied for a total period of at least one month per year.

Challenges and solutions during design, testing and implementation

No problems have been encountered in implementing the innovation.

Assessment - description of the necessary conditions for the success and sustainability of innovation

It is estimated that the application will be successful if: - it is updated, since the analysis data are not static but are carried out every year from May to October and - it is properly published every year and even during the summer season since it targets the swimming season. The development of this innovation required many working days from the Department. One of the factors that will judge its success will be the timely updating of the data and for this reason additional working days will be required which are estimated at thirty days per year.

Agency: Decentralized Administration of Crete

Level of government: Regional

Policy area: Tourism, Environment

Year: 2021

Innovation Type: Data Management and Decision Making, Citizen Involvement, Communication and Behavior

Innovation Stage: Dissemination

Beneficiaries: General population, Public Organizations, Businesses

Number of beneficiaries: Total residents of the island, visitors of the island

Sources of Funding: NSRF or other European financial funds, etc.




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