Description of innovation

The innovation concerns the development and implementation of a modern, online e-platform which concerns the collection of data for warehouse management/monitoring and material procurement. The platform was developed in order to facilitate communication with the Health Region (HRE), as a management tool that supports teleworking during the pandemic. Specifically, it provides the possibility of automated information of the organization and ensuring safe access to it by every authorized employee of the Hospital Unit (HU), for the daily optimal/correct/fast/timely/reliable data collection of the Departments. The daily final data are gathered in the form of a spreadsheet (full analysis), which are submitted to the competent Health Region (HRE) and concern the control and recording of the availability of materials and equipment of the HU. The e-Platform can be adopted by other HREs to the related HUs. The innovation is the result of a project by the Staff of the Informatics Sub-Directorate of NM, in collaboration with the Departments (Nursing and non-Nursing) of HU, in order to produce the best possible and easy-to-use result.

The platform creates, on a daily basis (based on a filter), an aggregated (and with complete individual breakdown by Department) user-friendly computer file, with the complete and correct "image" for the supply needs of the HU. The first version was implemented in March 2020 with the INTRAWEB Server configuration.

Subsequently, a generalized online version of the e-platform was implemented in the second year (until May 2021). The platform is very easy to use, as users receive clear-understandable hints for errors to enable successful submission of data. In order to use the application, no additional installation/knowledge of applications is required, while users have full-immediate electronic recording of their statements, for their daily e-file, and immediate automatic electronic updating of the supervising hospital employees and the IT Sub-Directorate) via email. Attribution/issue per successful submission is via a unique QR code.

Reasons for innovation

Key reasons for the development of innovation are:


1) The best response to current service needs such as teleworking, due to the pandemic crisis,

2) The need for timely and proper monitoring of the needs and information of the responsible Ministry of Health for the supply of materials and equipment,

3) The management of errors due to knowledge gaps in IT matters and to the imperative/pressing situation for the exercise of the main work of the nursing staff in procedures concerning the submission of data and the information of the authorities,

4) The institution's continuous effort to develop, support and provide modern technological tools to save time and achieve maximum validity and reliability.

Innovation objectives

The main objectives of the innovation are the following:


1) The speed-up of submitting data and information about the availability of necessary material and equipment,

2) The reduction of costs in human resources required for innovation processes,

3) The use of innovation as a task management tool during the implementation of teleworking,

4) Increasing the security, validity and completeness of the data submitted digitally and in a homogeneous format, through conducting elementary electronic control,

5) The acceleration of the Service’s digital transformation.

Innovation results

To date, the goals of the innovation have been largely achieved. The main results are:

- Saving by 90% (precious, especially for the nursing departments due to the nursing needs for the Covid-19 pandemic) time in terms of the previous administrative process.

- The 100% reduction of errors and omissions in warehouse management/monitoring procedures and materials procurement.

According to quantitative indicators in the period 13/04/2020-12/04/2021, 34,167 emails were processed automatically, a total of 11,353 groups (sets) of records/submissions were successfully made by the individual departments for the items they manage (each group/set of records consists of a maximum of 52 value fields as well as free aggregate fields for comments).

After relevant research, in mid-2021, the innovative application was evaluated by users with an average score of 9.3/10 in various indicators: a) user-friendliness, b) application usability (error prevention), c) application usefulness, d ) speed (no requirement of "specialist" knowledge and time beyond filling in the details in the application), e) Satisfaction (to what extent the result and automation of the system satisfied, inspiring safety and reliability), and f) red tape reduction (to what extent it was limited/e-information mechanisms).

The innovation is in the diffusion stage

Design stage

The electronic platform was designed by the Informatics Sub-Directorate of the Hospital Unit. In particular, due to the increased needs and the unprecedented conditions arising from the pandemic, including the need for teleworking, the Sub-Directorate submitted a proposal for a data management system for the materials and equipment necessary for the Hospital. Then, all Hospital Departments were asked to submit proposals regarding the development of the relevant action. At this stage, for the specifications of the innovation concerning the Mechanisms/Websites of the System, their implementation was envisaged using modern technologies (HTML, JavaScript, PHP), at no cost to the Agency.

Experimentation stage

The new service was put into pilot operation for only a few days, because of the emergency situation with the pandemic, while at the same time the data was also collected as it used to. The aim of the pilot application was the complete and absolute comparative evaluation of the results collected in both ways. All the departments of the Hospital participated in the data submissions. The collected data for each day of pilot operation were evaluated for reliability and completeness first by the staff of the IT sub-directorate of NM, and then by the users of the nursing departments (NT) and the Nursing Service (NY).

In this phase, the new system was evaluated by the users as user-friendly and reliable, since it reduced the process to data entry in the fields. At the same time, the basic validity of the fields was checked before they were submitted, while the employees were given clear/understandable hints of their errors so that they could successfully submit the data. The use of the platform did not require the installation/knowledge of applications, nor knowledge of processing spreadsheets and the use of email, while the employees who submitted data had a complete electronic recording of their statements for their daily e-file. In parallel with the submission, the supervisors were immediately informed electronically. Based on these findings during the general (departmental level) pilot test with real data, the system is now fully implemented and fully utilized since mid-April 2020.

Implementation stage

During the pandemic, the new e-Platform is utilized at the intraweb level. The data collected daily is constantly evaluated by the IT Sub-Directorate of NM staff, on the one hand by the users of the departments that send the data, whether they work in person or remotely, for their department (receiving automatically from the System and electronic imprint for their e-Archive daily).

Dissemination stage

The innovation is spread within the hospital unit, through the use of a communication network, by sending emails and making presentations to the staff. The dissemination of the innovation out of the public organization takes place through the organization's website, conferences, events, workshops, etc.

In 2021, the innovation was distinguished at the Healthcare Business Awards with the BRONZE award in the category "e-Health: Digital applications for the management/support of health units" entitled: "Online information system (e-PLATFORM) for the collection of material/equipment of a hospital unit, for the planning and information of the Ministry of Health, regarding the Covid-19 Corona virus pandemic".



For the development and implementation of the innovation, no collaborations were carried out with other agencies but only internally with the agency's services.

Funding and costs

The innovation was developed at no cost to the organization, as it utilized the existing infrastructure of the Hospital and the NM IT Sub-Directorate.

For the development/implementation of the innovation, 1 (one) Computer Systems Engineer of the Informatics Sub-Directorate of the Hospital Unit was employed for a period of 1.5 months, while the maintenance of the innovation requires the work of 1 (one) Computer Systems Engineer of the Sub-Directorate Informatics of the Hospital Unit on a weekly basis for 3 hours, i.e. 12 hours per month.

Challenges and solutions during design, testing and implementation

After the experimentation stage and during the implementation stage no problems were mentioned by the users.

Assessment – description of the necessary conditions for the success and sustainability of the innovation

The innovation can be used regardless of the need to deal with the pandemic, however in order to prove successful and sustainable it must: 1) practically convince the users that it facilitates the procedures, reducing their workload, 2) bends immediately, any unfounded objection and objection on the part of the users/acceptors, 3) is based on the same strengths of the organization, 4) is based on modern/open technologies, 5) receives Administrative support over time.

Experiences, thoughts, findings

The e-platform is aimed at employees, so it must meet their needs even after its implementation for additions, motivated by the benefit to the operator. The main challenge for innovation is the continuous effort to ensure maximum possible security, solvency, and reliability.

According to the experience so far, universal utilization and acceptance of the new digital system/platform has been achieved by all relevant departments of NM, regardless of whether the relevant employees work remotely.

Organization: General Hospital of Attica "Sismanoglio-Amalia Fleming"

Level of government: Regional

Policy area: Public Administration

Field of innovation: Management of other and financial resources

Year of Design: 2020

Innovation Type: Infrastructure and Financial Resource Management, Data Management and Decision Making

Innovation Stage: Dissemination

Beneficiaries: Public servants, Public Organizations

Number of beneficiaries: 2020: 35  / 2021: 35 (Departments with many employees due to shifts)

Funding source: No funding was needed

Innovation award: Healthcare Business Awards 2021: BRONZE award in the category "e-Health: Digital applications for the management/support of health units"


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