Description of Innovation

The aim of the action is the application of modern technologies of smart mobile devices in pedestrians and on-board patrols, providing solutions for the identification and verification of the citizens subject to on-site control, in order to increase the sense of security and reduce the risk of escape. The action promotes effective policing by quickly and securely identifying citizens, vehicles and objects. Especially in the case of citizens who do not have identification documents, the check will last only a few seconds in contrast to the current situation which usually lasts a few hours and requires the transfer of the citizen for further check at the nearest Police Station.

Reasons for Innovation

The main reasons for the development of innovation are the improvement of the existing process with new tools (eg e-government, cloud services) as well as the development of new processes or services in response and adaptation to technological developments. Thus the action focuses on the supply of modern portable electronic devices such as "Smart Phone", which, through a single application / search interface in existing databases (National and European) and the acquisition of biometric features (through the scanning method), license plate numbers and document information, will achieve fast and secure search and identification of vehicles, persons and objects. At the same time, they will provide the ability to transmit data - file transfer, voice call - between users, as well as an application to record control "incidents", using the device. The operation security of the devices, the applications but mainly the security of the data that they will use, will be achieved by the use of a special platform for remote management of mobile devices with capabilities of both data encryption and access rights management of the used applications. (EnterpriseMobileManagement platform).

Objectives of Innovation

Through the utilization of the present action, the aim is to achieve: • The expansion of the possibilities of the Greek Police for immediate, complete and accurate information during the inspections, by using Smartphones in a single working environment through a single application - interface. • Promoting effective policing through more accurate and faster data collection (secure identification of citizens and vehicles), especially in cases of regular and mass inspections. • The immediate service of the citizen, through his timely information, while respecting the protection of personal data. • The creation of a safe environment, both for the citizens and for the staff of the business units during the execution of their duties, which will now have at its disposal a tool for cross-checking information. • The prevention - detection and suppression of serious, dangerous and organized forms of crime, as more immediate detection and identification of suspected vehicles and individuals involved in terrorism, human trafficking, drug trafficking, illegal migration, smuggling)will be achieved. • Enhancing the skills and abilities of staff, given the already increased penetration of smart mobile devices such as "smartphone", reducing the cost of telephone connections, saving human resources, optimal staff performance, and reducing costs of the produced work. • Extending the effectiveness of control to third-country citizens who have violated the legal time permission to stay in the country, while virtually eliminating interference with law-abiding citizens, thus strengthening the concept of the state of security and the rule of law.

Innovation results

It is expected to significantly enhance efficiency and effectiveness in identifying and capturing criminals. At the time of implementation of the innovation, the use and application of modern technologies - smart mobile devices - by at least three thousand (3000) police officers in the field will be achieved, which will help to carry out "incident" checks to identify persons, vehicles and real-time items.

Design stage

At the design stage, which lasted about 2 years, the action took place inside the organization (in-house). It was envisaged to design a new process, structure or information system to support innovation. The innovation is a co-financed action by the Internal Security Fund and was selected for funding following a proposal by the Directorate of Informatics / AEA. The planning of the innovation was carried out through the development of a project technical specifications report by an organization collective body, with the participation of executives of the Hellenic Police from staff and operational Services.

Implementation stage

The innovation is in the implementation stage of the respective project with a horizon of completion in September 2021. At the same time, communication of the action takes place inside and outside the organization, through presentations, seminars, distribution of printed material, but also through conferences and events.


For the development of the action it was not necessary to cooperate with other bodies.

Financing and costs

The action was financed by the NSRF and / or other financial programs. For the design of the innovation, seven (7) people were employed, as members of the technical specifications development committee and a corresponding number of members during the implementation of the project (EPE), collecting at the same time the required information from the pertinent Directorates of the Agency. The in-house support of the system will be carried out by the existing staff of the IT Department of the Hellenic Police and, in addition, with the support of competent engineers of the Project Contractor.

Challenges and solutions during design, testing and implementation

In the context of the implementation of innovation, technical development issues are addressed, both due to the Covid19 pandemic, and at the level of interconnection with other existing Information Systems structures. The necessary conditions for success and sustainability of our organization's innovation are satisfied with: a) The commitment and active participation of the elected and administrative leadership, b) The effective communication actions at all levels of our organization, c) The participatory planning and feedback process of users.

Experiences, thoughts, findings

The immediate and long-term success of the innovation lies in the application of new technologies in existing procedures, that created delays in the verification actions implemented by the Police Personnel and had a negative impact on the citizens. The ability to identify persons without the presentation of supporting documents is a new possibility in the management of public order and security incidents.

Agency: Hellenic Police Headquarters

Scope: Internal application in a specific process of the institution

Policy area: Public Order and Security

Year: 2018

Innovation Type: Process Design and Redesign, Data Management and Decision Making

Innovation Stage: Implementation

Results: 3000 police officers

Beneficiaries: Police officers, General population

Sources of Funding: NSRF and / or other financial funds

URL: Smart Policing


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