Description of Innovation

The Water Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of Attica has designed and is publishing 3 new Geopyles with issues related to water resources management (water resources, Bathing Coasts, Floods). The main goal is the unified spatial representation of data through a functional cartographic environment. It also gives the possibility of advanced search - display of selected geospatial files (points). The Geopyls’ operation benefits are multiple: Transparency, Speed, Reliability in the dissemination of information. The beneficiaries are: 1) Public Bodies (specialization of employees in modern and efficient applications, acceleration of licensing and audits of public bodies) 2) Scholars - Researchers (direct access to valid data through a modern GIS application environment) . 3) Wide audience (easy access to open information, eg search for results of Attica Swimming Coasts in a functional and easy-to-use cartographic environment. The categories of data presented are: 1) Primary Data (created from Databases kept in the Attica Water Directorate) 2) Secondary Data, as they came after spatial analysis of primary data of other services. 3) Data of other services (Deliverable of the 1st Revision of the Management Plans of the Attica Watershed). Access to Internet maps is implemented through Internet access and is compatible via any mobile device (mobile, tablets).

Objectives of Innovation

The reason for the development of innovation is the effort to organize and provide geospatial data satisfying the need of users for open access - viewing data that interests them. Also, through the introduction of new information technologies, the organizational culture of the service changes and adapts to the new technological developments. The main goal of the innovation is the easy and fast access of the public to the geospatial information through the development of properly designed web maps.

Innovation results

The action has led to a significant improvement in the efficiency of the service (fast and reliable access to control data in the context of licensing - opinions) by about 40%, to a very large increase in user satisfaction (fast and reliable access to surveys’ or general data) about 80%. Annual visits are estimated about approximately 5000 users of the water catchment port, 2000 users of the bathing port gate and 554 users of the flood gate by the end of 2020.

Design stage

Designed exclusively by the Department of Administrative Support of the Attica Water Authority. The specifications for the development of innovation in terms of primary data are the following: 1) Data entry in a database 2) Creation and control of geospatial data 3) Posting of data in the application based on selected fields 4) Creating a map 5) Creating an online map through appropriate standards and tools 4) Creation of geospatial services. Regarding the interconnection with external information systems, it is foreseen that part of the data is connected with a website (url) of the Ministry of Environment.

Experimental Implementation stage

In the experimental application phase that lasted 4 months, users’ observations were recorded.

Implementation stage The implementation of innovation is carried out through the development and management of web maps (web gis portal) and the frequent updating of data.

Dissemination stage

In the dissemination stage, (inside the public organization, bodies outside the public organization) internal communication networks are used but also tools such as websites, social media, presentations in working groups, and electronic communication (email).


At the design stage, an annual contract was concluded with a private company for the provision of the basic information system.

Financing and costs

The action was financed from the budget of the institution but also from national resources. For the development of innovation, one employee was employed for a period of 8 months, while for the maintenance of innovation, the employment of 2 people on a daily basis is required (1 for data entry, 1 application management). In terms of cost, this only concerned the installation of the information system and was not very large.

Challenges and solutions during design, testing and implementation

During the development and implementation of the action there was a lack of time and a need for more working hours. Some minor technical problems that arise in the operation of the system are addressed with the partner company. A necessary condition for the operation of the portals is the provision of human resources for the updating of the data.

Experiences, thoughts, findings

Through the development of innovation, the need to expand the application in cooperation with other services became clear. In addition, there are ideas for creating new applications such as audience participation - crowdsourcing and field data collection. Furthermore, through the reception of the action, the public's need for a digital upgrade of the Public Administration became even more apparent.

Agency: Water Directorate of Decentralized Administration of Attica

Scope: Internal application to specific departments or organizational units of the organization, external application to provide a service or process to users

Policy area: Public administration, Environment

Year: 2020

Type of Innovation: Design and service delivery, Process planning and redesign, Data management and decision making

Innovation Stage: Dissemination

Beneficiaries: General population, Civil servants, Public organizations, Businesses, Educational institutions / Universities

Results: Annual visits are estimated approximately 5000 users of the waterway port, 2000 users of the bathing port and for 554 users of the flood port by the end of 2020.

Sources of Funding: National Resources, Institutional Budget

URL: 82-web-gis-portal-%ce%b4-%ce%bd%cf%83%ce%b7%cf%82-%cf%85%ce%b4%ce% ac%cf%84%cf%89%ce%bd/



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