Government Beyond Recovery: Learning from the crisis to create a future adaptive public sector

About a year ago, on November 17, 2020, the Ministry of Interior organized the conference on "Innovation and Crisis Management". The conference was organized within the framework of the international initiative of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development "Government After Shock" in order to review the challenges of the crisis and how they are managed by the public administration. The crisis, a year ago, had changed many of our approaches and focused on managing the challenges through innovation. Three key questions were then asked:

  • What should we keep?
  • What should we leave behind?
  • What should we do differently?

    At the conference of the Ministry of Interior, more than 400 participants attended the planning of the Greek public administration in critical areas. More than 6,000 people from around the world attended the Government After Shock OECD conference on November 18, 2020, to learn how the crisis can be a guide to building better public services.

    The issues that emerged were:

    • In times of crisis, the public sector can be efficient and work out of the ordinary,
    • Digital transformation and data have a positive impact when they put people in the spotlight,
    • Communication and participation build trust in crisis situations,
    • Complex problems require increased cooperation,
    • Policy-making must take into account the evolving needs of society,
    • The public sector needs to explore the uncertainty of new future challenges.

    How can recovery lead to better governance and a better future?

    About a year later, Government Beyond Recovery: Towards a future-fit public sector conference will be a new opportunity to reflect, to look back and think about the future, to look at how we can turn what the crisis has taught us into action. for a better public sector.

    As many countries recover, now is the time to promote innovation and the principles of good governance. This is the time when the successes and mistakes of the previous year should be learned and used for new innovative actions that will prevent future crises.

    On October 18 & 19, 2021, the conference will host civil servants, political leaders, researchers and experts to explore how governance can be improved to achieve better results today and in the future. The conference is organized in cooperation with the OECD and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union from Slovenia.

    The conference focuses on the following questions:

    • How can the public sector manage the uncertainty of future complex challenges?
    • How can citizens be at the heart of public policy design?
    • How does innovation contribute to the continuous improvement of public administration?

    Access to the conference is online by registering at

    More information about the conference

    The conference is an opportunity to bring the innovation community together. However, there are other opportunities in which the public sector innovation community in Greece participates through the actions of the National Public Sector Innovation Network.

    National Public Sector Innovation Network

    The National Public Sector Innovation Network was established in February 2020 by a circular of the Minister of Interior. Today, more than 150 public organizations participate in the national innovation network. The members of the network participate in joint actions and events. In the first half of 2021, 140 people from 113 public organizations, members of the network, participated in innovation workshops.

    More about the process of registering in the Public Sector Innovation Network:

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