On 13, 19 and 27 July 2021 (10: 00-12: 00), the Innovation and Best Practices Department of the Strategic Planning and Innovation Directorate of the Ministry of Interior organizes innovation workshops, on "Co-designing a Model for Innovation Development of Public Organizations”.

The online co-design workshops are an introduction to innovation workshops and aim to collaborate with members of the innovation community to create the tools of an Innovation Development Model, which is designed to be a toolkit for projects’ and actions’ development in the context of innovation policy.

Members, who participate in the national public sector innovation network, can submit their participation interest through an online form after a relevant invitation that will be sent to them.

A few words about the workshops

Public organizations are systems that produce value for their beneficiaries through the management of their resources and the implementation of appropriate management systems. In a rapidly changing world, where challenges are becoming more complex, innovation is, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, one of the most important policies for public organizations to continue to meet challenges by improving their skills.

In the Strategic Planning and Innovation Directorate of the Ministry of Interior, we are designing an innovation toolkit which includes methodological approaches and innovation tools, in a standardized process of steps, the Public Administration Innovation Development Model.

The aim of these introductory workshops is to co-design the elements of the model that has been created, in order to shape the model that will support public organizations for the development of innovation.

The final version of the Innovation Development Model will emerge after the integration of the observations and the feedback that the Innovation Department will receive from the implementation of the workshops and will be a guide of the public sector innovation policy.

What we will learn in the workshops

The online workshops include the following sections:

  • Approaching innovation as an improvement mechanism through the toolkit of the innovation model.
  • Decisions and applications of model steps.
  • Interactive collaboration in practical applications and suggestions for model improvement.

In the workshops the participants will look for:

  • How is innovation applied in Greek public administration today?
  • How does the innovation model differentiate the existing approach to innovation?
  • How is innovation supported? Is there a strategy and structure?
  • How could the innovation mechanism be integrated into a public organization?

National Public Sector Innovation Network

The National Public Sector Innovation Network was established in February 2020 by a circular of the Minister of Interior. Today, more than 150 public organizations participate in the national innovation network. The members of the network participate in joint actions and events. In the first half of 2021, more than 50 public organizations, members of the network, participated in innovation workshops with the support of the Ministry of Interior, organized by the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

More about the registration process in the Public Sector Innovation Network: https://innovation.gov.gr/innovation-community

Coordination of Innovation Workshops: Fay Giannarou, Innovation Skills Manager, Innovation and Best Practices Department



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