On July 7, 2021 (13: 30-15: 15 CET), the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OPSI OECD) will hold an online innovation workshop on "Preventive capacity of public organizations and technology policy".

This workshop, following innovation workshops organized by OPSI OECD, delves into the preventive innovation aspect and focuses on examining the relationship between the design of public administration systems to manage future challenges, with changes in both Technology and Innovation.

Members of the innovation community who wish to attend online this workshop, which is held in English, can apply at https://innovation.gov.gr/submission-form-for-oecd-lab-on-7-july/ until 02 July 2021 in order to be given registration and access information.


A few words about the workshop

We are in a period of rapid socio-technical change, as well as increased uncertainty due to increasing challenges such as pandemic outcomes management, climate change response and technological development, which disrupts organizational models and public organizations’ relations with society.

In the context of effective preventive management of future challenges, the Technology and Innovation systems that support the technological transformation of public organizations should be designed taking into account the need to redesign the operation of public organizations.

What we will learn in the workshop

This online seminar will discuss the relationship between expectation, participation, direction, disorganization and transitions as connecting concepts in policy-making in the fields of technology, innovation and public governance.

OECD will share its experience with technology preventive governance and the development of preventive governance systems for public sector innovation processes.

The workshop will look for answers to the following questions:

  • How can design for preventive innovation in technology enrich planning for the preventive capacity of public governance and vice versa?
  • How can preventive governance and preventive innovation approaches achieve the alignment between public organizations, businesses and citizens that will be necessary for flexibility and adaptation?
  • How can preventive innovation in technology systems and the management of preventive innovation in public organizations be strengthened?

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