On 8 June 2021 (14: 00-17: 00 CET), OPSI OECD, in collaboration with the Portuguese Ministry of Administrative Modernization, will conduct an online innovation workshop, in the 4-dimensional model, on “Adaptive Innovation: Creating Sustainable and flexible practices in the public sector”. This workshop is part of a series of workshops designed by OPSI OECD and part of a Horizon 2020 program, which is supported by the Ministry of Interior with the participation of the Innovation and Best Practices Department, as a member of the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Members of the innovation community who wish to attend this workshop online can submit an interest to participate in the link https://innovation.gov.gr/interest-sub-oecd-innovation-lab-8-june

until June 2, 2021 in order to then give them registration and access information.

Which are the 4 aspects of innovation?

Every public organization aims to serve the citizen directly or indirectly and in the context of its operation changes and innovates, whether consciously or not.

These changes and innovations have different aspects, goals and aspects and require different approaches. It is important for public organizations to think every time why they are innovating and if they are using the necessary approaches to achieve their goals.

The OECD has created a model for this purpose, recognizing 4 aspects of innovation, as an approach to managing innovation portfolios.

The 4 aspects of innovation are:

  • Improvement-oriented innovation
  • Goal-oriented innovation
  • Adaptive innovation
  • Preventive innovation

You can see more about the 4 aspects of innovation here:


What we will learn in the workshop

The workshop will focus on adaptive innovation in theory and practice in the public sector. The workshop will look for answers to the following questions:

  • What does adaptive innovation involve and how does it look in practice? How does it relate to efforts to make public organizations more direct, resilient and flexible?
  • What forces or what design boost the development of adaptive innovation?
  • How can adaptive innovation practices help innovation executives develop a strategy to move from crisis to recovery?
  • How could the leadership of an organization create favorable conditions for the development of innovation portfolios, including actions promoting bottom-up participation?
  • How can the orientation of a public organization that has invested in adaptive innovation evolve?

4-facet model laboratory cycle

The Adaptive Innovation Workshop is part of a series of workshops organized by the OPSI OECD and aims at innovation executives of Member States that participate in the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory. As part of the previous workshops, members of the Greek Public Sector Innovation Community attended ,on 11 May 2021, a workshop on improvement-oriented innovation, and on 11 and 12 March, a workshop on the management of preventive innovation.

More information about the previous workshops can be found here:

Improvement Innovation Workshop:


Workshop on the management of preventive innovation:


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