On November 17, 2020, Minister of the Interior, Mr. P. Theodorikakos presents, at the Conference organized by the Ministry, the Ministry's actions to promote innovation in the Public Sector. Ministry's of Interior Conferance is part of the two-day Government After Shock Event held by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

The Minister Mr. P. Theodorikakos will also participate in the OECD's High Level Forum round table discussion  "Inside the emergency: lessons in delivering national responses to a crisis" which aims to highlight how each government responded to the pandemic crisis and how innovative practices, whether decentralized or national, operate towards a common goal or mission.

The conference of the Ministry of Interior on November 17, 2020, will begin with a round table discussion with the following participants:

Mr. P. Theodorikakos, Minister of Interior

Mr. D. Papastergiou, Mayor Municipality of Trikala, President of KEDE

Mr. A. Binis, Chief Executive Officer National Transparency Agency

Mr. Ι. Kotsiopoulos, Secretary General Health Services, Min. of Health

Mr. L. Christopoulos, Secretary General Digital Governance & Procedures Simplification, Min. of Digital Governance

Dr. A. Βistaraki, Crisis Management Consultant, office of Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management

Dr. L. Anthopoulos, Professor University of Thessaly, Director Research Insitute for Intelligent Production Systems and Smart Cities

Mr. I. Spiliotopoulos, General Director Public Sector Human Resources, Min. of Interior

Panel coordinator Mrs. P. Charalampogianni, Secretary General Public Sector Human Resources, Min. of Interior

At the panel, the speakers will present the actions of their organisations to manage the pandemic crisis and then answer critical questions about the issues that the crisis has taught us, what needs to be left behind and what we need to change in the next day governance.

At the end of the day, we aim to highlight the knowledge gained so far and the actions we need to plan in the coming months. The conference also aims to contribute to the global dialogue launched by the OECD initiative with useful information from the Greek public administration, thus actively participating in the planning of the next day.

Read here more information about the conferance.

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