Ministry of Interior, through Innovation and Best Practices Unit of the Directorate-General for Public Organisations, participates in the group of OECD member countries working together to develop a common manual on the measurement and development model of innovation in the public sector. The project has attracted the interest of 19 countries and two EU organisations. and the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
In this context, the first meeting took place on 28 November 2019, at which representatives set out the next steps in the process which foresees a series of partnerships and intermediate deliverables, which are expected to be completed by the end of 2020 with the Copenhagen Manual.
The initiative, co-ordinated by the National Center for Innovation in the Public Sector of Denmark (COI), builds on the Innovation Barometer already developed in 2105 by COI in cooperation with the Danish Statistical Authority. The Innovation Barometer  was the world’s first statistic on public sector innovation, emphasizing on a different approach, which was not based on similarity with the private sector. Since then, the Nordic countries have applied the Innovation Barometer to their particular circumstances and experiences, providing valuable insights on innovation factors to public bodies.





Czech republic Denmark European Union Finland
Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Netherlands
New Zealand Nordic Council of Ministers Norway OECD Poland Portugal
Spain Sweden Switzerland Wales

List of participants on the "Copenhagen Manual"

Today, the growing demand and need for an international standard for measuring and developing innovation in the public sector has led to the creation of a working group of 19 countries and 2 organizations, who will deliver a methodology that can be adapted to an organisation's  own particular characteristics, environment and conditions.

The Copenhagen Manual is designed to develop and provide guidance on the following axes:
- The strategic use of an Innovation Barometer
- How do you communicate your Innovation Barometer?
- What is so special about public sector innovation?
- Finding your respondents
- How do you best prepare for doing an Innovation Barometer?
- Adapting the questionnaire

More information on the Copenhagen Manual: and Innovation and Best Practices Unit.

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