OECD, through the Observatory of Public Sector Innovation, is organizing a global networked event "Government After Shock", with the support of the European Commission through “Horizon 2020” programme.


About the Government After Shock event 

The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken our perception of the world and our daily activities. Its’ effects will undoubtedly dominate in all areas, being personal, economic, social or political. Although no one can say what their evolution will be, it is clear that 2020 will mark a fundamental change. But what will these changes be? Or what should these changes be?

The "Government After Shock" event is aiming at global cooperation, networking and dialogue, in order to gather public sector experience in managing the COVID-19 crisis and also discuss the implications and opportunities for systemic change.


Structure of the Government After Shock event

A global dialogue will take place on 17 November, consisting of local and thematic events and discussions held on the same day around the world, in OECD's member countries. The purpose of these events is to help understand the crisis through specific questions set by the OECD, thus contributing to the global dialogue on how innovation can transform the public sector.

The Ministry of Interior, General Secretariat for Human Resources, as a member of the OECD Innovation Network, participates in the global dialogue by organizing a national event on November 17, 2020. Soon more information will be announced through the website https://innovation.gov.gr/ about the national event and the way the members of the Innovation Community will participate in it.

On November 18, OECD organizes a high-level forum, attended by leaders and professionals, who are called upon to reflect on the crisis, the gaps and opportunities it has revealed and to make them think about the future of governments beyond the crisis.

If you want to participate in the second day of the event, you can register at this link of OECD's Observatory of Public Sector Innovation.




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