Developing a culture of innovation in any organization, even in a public organization, is an ongoing, complex, and cyclical process that requires the application of a series of steps, methodologies, and tools to be efficient.

The Department of Innovation and Best Practices of the General Secretariat for Human Resources is designing an electronic tool, the Innovation Development Guide. It will help public sector executives identify critical points in the innovation cycle and create the conditions that will promote innovation in their organization in a systematic and documented way.

The purpose of the Guide is to introduce innovation in every public organization, either at the level of strategic planning or the level of projects and actions, recognizing basic concepts and principles such as exploration, search for ideas, experimentation, pilot application, etc.

We believe that innovation is a permanent mechanism of the administrative redesign, a continuous process, which starts from the stage of problem definition and gradually results in improvement.

In the Innovation Development Guide, we take into account the data the department has managed, through the innovations we have received and processed in the Innovation Observatory, the Innovation Barometer, feedback from the Innovation Network, and the conclusions of the conference by the Ministry of Interior in November 2020.

A few words about the content….

At each step of the Guide an innovation team will find:

  • Manuals, with examples and practical instructions,
  • Modern methodologies and tools based on the latest published studies,
  • Practical tips for implementing the manuals,
  • Templates which can be used directly by an innovation team.

We want the Guide to be a tool that can be used by a public organization, choosing to implement it step by step, or only one step by exploring specific methodologies and procedures proposed and as needed by executives on a case-by-case basis, adapting them to the needs of their organization.

What are the 6 steps?

The Guide includes the following 6 steps:

  1. Explore: Exploring the opportunities and challenges facing an organization, mapping and analyzing the environment to find the right innovation strategy or innovation portfolio is a crucial and essential step.
  2. Generate ideas / Plan: Participation through open innovation processes, the birth of ideas, the mobilization of users and staff is food for thought in the selection of appropriate actions that have been identified at the exploration stage.
  3. Test: We look for the actions that need to be done before designing the final solution or project. We present techniques for designing and testing / implementing a prototype project, focus groups, evaluation with research methodologies and experiments, etc.
  4. Implement: We present, tools and models, innovative project design aiming to highlight all the critical components that lead to successful innovations.
  5. Disseminate: We highlight ways of technical escalation of innovations that are implemented through processes of comparative learning and exchange of know-how.
  6. Change: We present the processes of developing an innovation strategy in an organization within an innovation ecosystem framework.

Innovation Development Guide: the next steps ……

    • See the Public Sector Innovation Development Guide in original format here.
    • We design innovation workshops based on the Innovation Development Guide. The workshops aim to inform the innovation executives with the methodologies and tools of the guide.
    • The Innovation Development Guide is scheduled to be published in March 2021. If you as members of the Innovation Network would like to give us feedback by piloting a guide step, fill out the form below.

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