The Minister of Interior, Mr. Takis Theodorikakos, signed the Greek version of the OECD Declaration on Public Sector Innovation, thus sending a strong message to the Greek and international community:


Innovation is important and there is a commitment to support, develop and integrate it into the functioning of public administration.


The Department of Innovation and Best Practices of the Directorate-General for Public Organizations, which drafted the Greek version of the Declaration, actively participated in the meetings, consultations and preparation of the final version of the Declaration of Innovation in the Public Sector, coordinated by OECD, between 39 more countries involved in the process.


The Declaration was adopted on 22 May 2019 by 35 OECD members and 5 non-OECD members at the OECD Council meeting, at ministerial level.


The OECD Declaration is a set of five principles, and associated actions, that governments and public organizations can use to inform (or enhance) innovation and its management.


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