The Declaration on Public Sector Innovation of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is the legal instrument adopted in May 2019 by the Council of Ministers of the OECD. To date, 43 countries have adopted the Declaration, including Greece. The Innovation Declaration is the most basic text internationally for innovation policy based on which directions are provided in five principles for the systemic implementation of innovation in the public sector.

In April 2022, the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory published an innovative playbook of implementing the Innovation Declaration in a three-step pathway. The Playbook is an open, easily accessible and practical tool with guidance on how the principles of the Innovation Declaration can solve challenges in the public sector. The Playbook is aimed at middle and senior managers of the public administration and helps them to evaluate and expand their knowledge of innovation, to identify opportunities for improvement as well as to convert their knowledge into concrete actions.

The Playbook can also be used to strategize innovation at the organizational level. The Playbook does not provide ready-made answers to either the challenges or the possible solutions. What it offers is a starting point and options for executives looking to improve the innovation capacity of their team, unit or organization.


Executives should work to adapt their ideas and work in teams to leverage the Playbook by adapting it to their daily work.

In order to refer to the English version of the Playbook presented on 05/19 and its implementation instructions, please download the file below.

Next actions of the Department of Innovation and Best Practices

  • As part of the Innovation GOV.LAB innovation workshops program of the Ministry of the Interior, executives from agencies participating in the public sector innovation network of the Greek public administration will be trained in the use of the Playbook in an innovative collaborative workshop organized by the OECD Public Sector Innovation Observatory on 7 June 2022.

More information about the workshop and instructions for participating in it:

  • The Greek version of the Playbook is planned to be designed, adapted and published by the General Secretariat of Public Sector Human Resources of the YPES. Also relevant guidelines and workshop design standards will be prepared for its implementation by innovation groups in the public organizations of the Greek public administration.
  • In the end, good practices for the implementation of the Playbook will be sought in order to be disseminated. The good practices, together with the cases that will be highlighted by the Playbook application workshops, will be shown in actions of the public sector innovation platform and in the Public Sector Innovation Observatory of the OECD.
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