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Public Organisations Innovation Survey - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

Public Organisations Innovation Survey - Ministry of Interior - Innovation & Best Practices Unit

In recent years, more and more attention has been given to the study of the role that innovation plays in the social and economic change of modern states. However, compared to the private sector, there is a lack of data, which impedes understanding of the environment and the conditions of innovation.

Innovation in the public sector is now increasingly considered a critical factor that can help maintain a high level of operation and services of public organizations, manage the challenges posed by technological change and the general social and economic changes, to benefit citizens' well-being. In addition,  operational innovation of public organizations can contribute not only to the improvement of their services, but also to strengthen innovation in the private sector.

By participating in a network of innovation units for the Public Sector, we are jointly looking for ways to improve public organizations' innovation capability, using research and organized action as our main focus. The research, designed by the Innovation and Best Practices Unit, is carried out with the use of a questionnaire.

The data collection process and the questionnaire have been carefully designed to:

  • Analyze the behavior and inspiration of employees involved in the development of innovations,
  • Address a significant portion of public organizations to draw conclusions about the general behavior of public administration,
  • Provide comparisons between different groups of public organizations on key innovation indicators.

Questionnaire Completion Guide

  • The questionnaire is addressed to senior executives of Public Organizations, Directorate General level or equivalent. It must be ansewered by only one appointed person per public organization.
  • It takes 13-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire, while answering all the questions is compulsory and none of them can be skipped.
  • The following file provides explanations on some of the research questions EXPLANATIONS.  



The process of submitting the questionnaires is completed.



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