Innovation is an important guide to long-term growth and prosperity, as it creates flexible and resilient public organizations.
Innovation is an area of public policy in which users and the general public are less involved. Globally, the 21st century is characterized by the evolution of technology, equipment and software using artificial intelligence provides us with new possibilities, communication and cooperation of public services with each other and with citizens is improving.

Today, crowdsourcing is a business process used in some public sector organizations to gather new ideas, engage citizens in voting, collaborate on design, testing, and implementing projects, making relationships between organizations and users more bidirectional.
The “We-novate” project is an open innovation process. The action aims to highlight the key issues that public organizations face today. In this process, we believe that collective intelligence is the best way for organizations with common interests to solve problems and improve their solutions.
The action is implemented in continuous interconnected phases and the purpose is to create a knowledge repository for the members of the innovation network. Members are actively involved in the action’s stages until the design and evaluation of the project proposal.

1st stage

We are looking for the pioneers of innovation! The action is attended by the executives of the public administration who have registered in the Innovation Network. For your registration, please follow the relevant instructions at the link

Your feedback will help us improve our actions and better support innovation in your organization. Upon completion of the registration, please participate in the public sector innovation survey, which is in progress until June 30, 2020, following the link below

2nd stage

After completing the registration in the innovation network, use the codes given to you to log in and submit the relevant form.

3rd stage

Innovation and Best Practices Unit collects and processes the data you submit to us.
Wait……. Our aim is to examine which of the proposals can be turned into critical issues for which further research and action will be planned, based on the criteria that have been set.

4rth stage

Register ………… The selected actions are designed in a workshop attended by an innovation team in order to formulate the specifications of the project that solves the problem that has arisen. The project is being evaluated by the innovation network.

5th stage

Start the implementation………………The project is available for implementation by your organization or to gain knowledge from it. You now have access to the Library of Suggested Projects.

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