Work in the Public Sector through international practice in the era of COVID-19


How is public administration changing in the Covid-19 era?

What are the new ways and tools of work that are emerging? What tools will we keep in the new post-crisis era?

The coronavirus pandemic has brought to the surface new ways regarding the operation of public administration both in Greece and abroad.

Remote work, new electronic means of communication and collaboration platforms are some of the innovative tools used after the pandemic.

The Department of Innovation and Best Practices, has gathered from the working groups of the OECD and the European Public Administration Network, practices and actions that have been implemented by 25 countries and lists them, reflecting the basic principles adopted by the countries in the first actions implemented for human resources.

In the first period of the pandemic, most public administrations in the European Union adopted telework as the main way of working, while in several cases, the transition to the new era was made very quickly with legislative interventions.

Teleconference also seems to have replaced face-to-face meetings, and the transformation of public service administration has been significantly accelerated by enhancing innovation and the general use of technology where possible.

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