The General Secretariat of Human Resources of the Public Sector is conducting research for the application of teleworking in the Greek public administration in the period 2020-2021.

The purpose of the research is to seek information on how teleworking is implemented in public organizations during the pandemic period and to diagnose the positive elements as well as possible problems that have arisen, in order to plan new actions.

The objectives of the survey conducted by questionnaire are:

  • Understanding how teleworking was implemented in public organizations in 2020 and 2021,
  • Gathering data on the obstacles and challenges that have arisen in the implementation of teleworking,
  • Measuring the effects of telework on the performance of public organizations and the impact on staff productivity,
  • Formulation of proposals and understanding of the perception of public organizations for the future of teleworking in the Greek public administration,
  • Collection of innovative practices developed by public organizations for the implementation of teleworking.

The research seeks the active participation of public organizations, in order for the data that will be collected to be used for decision making and policy planning by the General Secretariat for Human Resources in the Public Sector.

Instructions for participating in the research:

  • Each public organization participates in the survey by completing one questionnaire which should be representative.
  • The representative of the public organization in the public sector innovation network takes care of the submission of the questionnaire on behalf of the public organization, based on the instructions contained in it.
  • To answer the questionnaire, each representative explores, collects and captures information in collaboration with the competent departments of his institution and especially with the departments of administrative services, where deemed necessary.
  • The questionnaire can be extracted in pdf or word format in order for the user to edit it before the electronic submission of the questionnaire here (word) and here (pdf).
  • The questionnaire is submitted electronically and can be found at the link
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