One-day interactive online workshops showcasing OECD  4 Facets Model (enhancement-oriented innovation, mission-oriented innovation, adaptive innovation, anticipatory innovation). Based on these, participants have the opportunity to explore and develop the innovation portfolio of their organization.

Aim of the workshops

As collective intelligence is the driving force of change and improvement internationally, the purpose of the workshops is to learn, explore, and exchange experiences and knowledge from one public organization to another.


The workshops address senior and middle-level executives (heads of Directorates, Departments, or similar positions of responsibility) who are responsible for planning and coordinating the innovation actions of an organizational unit or the entire organization.

After attending, participants will be able to:

  • Have a complete picture of their organization's innovation portfolio.
  • Map their innovation actions based on the OECD 4 facets model
  • Explore different options and learn how to manage the overall innovation portfolio of their organization based on its strategy and goals
  • Design an action plan to improve their organization's innovation portfolio

In the workshops, participants will learn:

  • The 5 principles of the OECD Public Sector Innovation Declaration
  • The key steps for promoting innovation in the public sector according to the Navigation Tool designed by the Innovation Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The OECD 4 Facets Model
  • How to manage their organization's innovation portfolio based on the OECD 4 Facets Model
  • To design an action plan for the management and improvement of the innovation portfolio of their organization.
  • Modern methods of work and collaboration / knowledge of  the platform as a tool to upgrade their work

Structure of the workshops

The workshops are experiential and online. They include presentations, individual work, work in pairs and groups, and open discussion.

Workshop coordinators

The workshops have been designed and coordinated by executives of the Innovation Department of the Ministry of Interior.

The methodology, the tools, and the definition of the workshop's subject are elements that belong to the Department of Innovation and Best Practices. They αρε developεδ for exclusive use by the executives of the Department.

Workshop evaluation

After the workshops, the Innovation Department conducts a relevant evaluation with a special questionnaire, to evaluate the usefulness and the design of the workshops each time and carry out improvement actions.

Besides, in preceding time, the Innovation Department intends to evaluate the impact of the workshops and the extent to which the participants applied the knowledge acquired in the workshop to their organization.

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