Strategic Innovation Management:

Interaction based on OECD's 4 Facets Model - Interactive workshop


In 2019, OECD's Observatory of Public Sector Innovation created the 4 facets model. The model outlines the 4 aspects that public organizations should consider when designing innovations. The strategy for managing innovation at the level of public organization and government in general, is the first step and key element of innovation management. In the workshop, we learn the model through five COVID-19 crisis management innovative practices by Greek public organizations. The participants discover the model in an interactive way and think how they can change the way they plan innovations in their public organization.

Mrs. Fay Giannarou, Responsible for Innovation Skills, Department of Innovation and Best Practices, Ministry of Interior. Read here her CV.


Ministry of Interior

General Secretariat for Human Resources in the Public Sector

Directorate of Strategic Planning and Innovation

Department of Innovation and Best Practices

Public Sector Innovation Observatory


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